News: M205 Apatite Special Edition Demonstrator

Pelikan M205 Apatite

Pelikan has been releasing special edition demonstrators to match their annual Edelstein Ink of the Year since 2015. These pens have invariably belonged to Pelikan’s lower tier Classic line which includes the M200 with its gold plated trim and the M205 with its silver colored chromium accents. Since their inception, these gemstone inspired models have been a popular and highly anticipated mainstay of the company’s annual line-up. Pelikan ended any speculation about what an Apatite inspired fountain pen might look like today with news of the upcoming Classic M205 Apatite. This is the eighth pen designed to match Pelikan’s Edelstein line of limited edition inks. The M205 Apatite joins a distinguished group which includes the M200 Golden Beryl (2021), M205 Moonstone (2020), M205 Star Ruby (2019), M205 Olivine (2018), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and the M205 Amethyst (2015). Some of these models are now quite hard to come by thanks to their curb appeal and popularity. The Star Ruby (2019), Moonstone (2020), and Golden Beryl (2021) took the concept a step further and included a shimmer effect embedded within the barrel and cap, a feature which does not appear to have been included on the M205 Apatite demonstrator. Pre-orders should be going live in this week with the official release slated for some time in November 2022. Read on to learn all that we know of this new model thus far.

Pelikan M205 and K205 Apatite

When news of the Edelstein Apatite ink broke last December, the first thing to cross the minds of many aficionados was what the matching fountain pen might look like. The M205 Apatite fountain pen doesn’t look to disappoint and appears to be a faithful interpretation of this year’s Edelstein Ink of the Year. We haven’t seen a hue of blue since 2016’s Aquamarine and the Apatite distinguishes itself in a lovely shade of blue green. Pelikan’s sales brochure has this to say;

“A beautiful, thrilling Turquoise-Blue Edelstein ink color that is transferred into a color-matching fountain pen and ball pen Classic series 205. When you are already fascinated by this Edelstein Ink of the year Apatite, this series will complement your color addiction.”

The translucent barrel and cap are married to silver colored chromium plated trim which works well together. The few pre-release photos available at the time of this post do not show any type of shimmer effect to my eye. The furniture consists of an un-plated crown clip nut, a single cap band, a beak clip, and a single ring at the piston knob. The cap top will feature the company’s single chick logo screened in silver upon a black background. The M205 comes with a polished stainless steel nib available in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B.  Those looking for something a little extra special can seek out vendors who will supply an upgraded 14C-585 gold nib in place of the stainless steel variety thanks to the M205’s compatibility with M4xx nibs. By virtue of its translucency, the pen’s barrel allows visualization of the piston mechanism as well as the amount of remaining ink in the reservoir. Like any demonstrator, the M205 will run a risk of staining depending on your ink selection and pen hygiene habits.

M205 Apatite Fountain Pen

K205 Apatite Ballpoint Pen

Like all those that came before, the M205 Apatite is anticipated to be released as a special edition produced in some unspecified but limited quantity. These won’t be hard to get up front but, once production stops, you can bet that these may well become scarce. In addition to the fountain pen, a matching K205 ballpoint will be available in the same finish.  Each pen will be on sale separately or as a special gift set that combines the fountain pen and its name’s sake ink.  While US pricing has not yet been confirmed, last year’s M200 Golden Beryl fountain pen retailed in the USA for $208. The overseas RRP for the fountain pen is €169 (~$172.17) which translates into a retail price of €121 (~$123.27) when the VAT is excluded for US consumers shopping abroad. The gift set and ballpoint will retail for €139.50 (~$142.11) and €103.36 (~$105.30) respectively when the VAT is excluded.

Edelstein Ink of the Year 2022 - Apatite

One of my concerns ahead of today’s announcement was that the Apatite might too closely resemble the Aquamarine, but I’m pleasantly surprised to find that is not the case. I also believe that it was wise to leave out the shimmer effect here as the overall look would have been marred by such an inclusion.   Of course, that is simply my opinion and you’re free to disagree. I remain disappointed that Pelikan is not plating the clip nut on these, something that we also saw lacking on the M205 Petrol-Marbled (2021) and the M205 DUO (2021). I’m sure that it’s either a cost savings or supply chain issue but in the end, that small design choice changes the whole look of the pen in a deleterious manner in my eyes. It also relegates the M205 Apatite to being the only Ink of the Year pen to not have a plated clip nut which is an unfortunate incongruence. Seeing is believing though so I’ll withhold final judgement until I can see one of these in the wild. I can see this one being another big success for the company, a trend which I’m sure has helped ensure the continuation of this theme for the past eight years. What are your thoughts on the M205 Apatite?  Of course, the completist amongst us who has to have them all (guilty as charged) will grab this one. What about the rest of you? How do you feel about the un-plated clip nut? As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Pelikan's M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Olivine (2018), M205 Star Ruby (2019), M205 Moonstone (2020), and M200 Golden Beryl (2021)

Left to right: M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Olivine (2018), M205 Star Ruby (2019), M205 Moonstone (2020), and M200 Golden Beryl (2021)

20 responses

  1. A good-looking pen and ink. Yes, I agree about the clip nut: the black is rather unsightly and interferes with the two-tone look. While I’m prepared to accept the smaller size in vintage Pelikans, these modern M200s just seem too diminutive for my tastes. Have you had time to try the ink yet?


  2. Hi Josh—Yeah, no doubt there’s a reason for the plate-less clip nut but it really is an aesthetic shame. This edition actually looks a lot truer to its ink-mate than does my M205 Aquamarine, although I’m guessing that this 2016 model–along with 2015’s Amethyst—are the more in-demand versions?
    Thanks, as always, for this terrific, comprehensive review!


  3. Absolutely agree that the black clip nut is an aesthetic shame. However, I wonder if an upside is that it will be easier to distinguish this pen from the aquamarine? It would be nice to see both pens side by side for a colour comparison when it is released.


  4. When I go back ane re look at it, yes it would have been better with a chrome clip nut. But to be honest, I didn’t even notice at first which way it was. Might that be the case with many people and as a result it is the way it is?


    • It may well be. Just depends on how the aesthetics grab you and everybody’s taste will vary. I think the lack of plating just throws off the whole look but that’s me.


  5. I also would have preferred it with the chrome clip nut. But I have been waiting for this pen for SO LONG. It’s my favorite color, and I really wanted to have it, with the ink, for my collection and probably daily use. Sort of a grail pen. The price sure indicates a grail pen, anyway (!). I’ll have to think this one over a while.


  6. Not a big fan of demonstrator pens so I have to pass. Regarding the black clip nut: I recently bought the black Pelikan p205 online – which for some unknown reason is sometimes shown with the silver clip nut (also matching the m205), sometimes with the black one. I thought the black one might even fit better in this case but of course I received the silver version…


    • The P200 has a black clip nut. The P205 has a silver, chromium plated clip nut. That is the way they are depicted in the catalogs and that is the way they are supposed to be produced and sold. Peikan seems rather inconsistent with the clip nut execution. Likely a mixture of cost and supply chain issues.


  7. Finally ! to add to the collection – was wondering if this would ever get introduced after the news of ink quite a while back. I have all versions since the Amethyst and this looks fabulous too. Would like to see how it compares to the Aquamarine though ! Nice coverage as usual Joshua !


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  9. I’ve just placed my order with Cult Pens for the newly released M205 Apatite plus 2 other Pelikans and 2 more rotrings for my collection. Cult Pens seems to be the first vendor to have received stock of the new 2022 Pen Of The Year. The new M205 Apatite will be my 8th Pen Of The Year….The collection is up-to-date! 🙂
    Hoping that you’re having a good one, Joshua..Cheers!


    • Congrats on keeping the collection up to date. I got a look at the Apatite M205 in person last evening and it was a nice shade of blue. Mine is current enroute from Germany.


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