News: M205 Olivine Special Edition Demonstrator

Pelikan M205 Olivine Fountain Pen and InkIt had been widely anticipated that we would once again see an M2xx release mirroring this years Ink of the Year though doubts had started to grow. For the past three years, announcements have come anywhere from late June to early July but always on a fairly consistent timeline.  It now being early August, you can imagine the angst this has generated.  Fret no more because today we have been given a glimpse of the upcoming M205 Olivine Special Edition Demonstrator as previewed by the Instagram account of H&S KIRTASİYE.  The Olivine will join past special editions including the M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and M205 Amethyst (2015).  Last years M200 was a departure from the prior releases and it appears that Pelikan has once again returned to the M205 trim style which is characterized by chromium plated furniture that has a silver appearance.  Details remain sparse and I’m sure that we will learn  more in short order.  I would imagine that pre-orders will be available from your preferred retailer in the coming weeks and I would expect this one to be available sometime around mid September.

The Olivine M205 demonstrator has been designed to emulate this year’s corresponding Edelstein Ink of the Year release and appears to go farther in doing so than any past iteration.  Pelikan has tried to capture the behavior of its namesake gemstone which, rather than being a pure olive-green, can transition from areas of lighter green to darker green before ending up at a shade of olive-green.  The M205 Olivine has tried to capture this and is reported to show varying shades of green in the material.  I’m sure pictures will do little justice to this effect so hopefully we won’t have to wait long to see what this material looks like in real life.  In addition to the chameleonic color scheme, the pen will feature chromium plated furniture with a printed one chick logo cap top and a chromium plated crown, a single cap band, a single trim ring at the piston knob, and the traditional pelican’s beak clip.  The pen will be equipped with an unplated stainless steel nib in the standard sizes of EF, F, M, and B.  Because the pen is a demonstrator, the inner workings including the piston mechanism and ink reservoir will be visible at all times.

Pelikan M205 Olivine Fountain Pen

M205 Olivine


The M205 Olivine is a special edition and therefore production will be limited.  Similar to past releases, it appears that there will be a matching K205 ballpoint available as well.  Retail pricing is likely to vary somewhat and there is currently no word on MSRP in the US.  Early reports from Europe indicate that the fountain pen alone will go for €128 with VAT (~$148.26) or €104.92 without (~$121.52).  If buying from the EU, you will need to factor in roughly an additional $12 if purchasing the pen with an EF nib.  While there is no word on additional pricing at this early stage, it does appear that the M205 will again be bundled with a bottle of Olivine ink in a set or available for purchase separately.

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0

Forsterite Olivine


I have long been awaiting the M205 Olivine and am surprised by the effect of the color shifting material.  I’m going to reserve judgement until I see one in person but I like where Pelikan has tried to take this if done properly.  The stock photos appear a bit muddier than I was expecting for lack of a better descriptor.  Hopefully we won’t have long to wait before we get a real first hand look.  What are your thoughts on this years special edition M205?  How do you think it stacks up to the past years releases?  Most importantly, will you be adding one to your flock?  Leave me a comment below.

Pelikan M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and M200 Smoky Quartz (2017)

Past IOTY Special Edition Demonstrators. From Left to Right: M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and M200 Smoky Quartz (2017)


UPDATE 8/7/18:  Post updated to reflect that the expected availability of the M205 Olivine will be mid-September 2018.  US pricing will come with an MSRP of $185 with a street price of $148.  The product photos range from the darker, muddier greens to a much brighter green.  Additional photos courtesy of Appelboom from the Netherlands have been added below.



M205 Olivine


Pelikan M205 Olivine

M205 Olivine

Pelikan K205 Olivine

K205 Olivine

Pelikan M205 Olivine Set



21 responses

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek at this new model. I’ll be at the Pelikan retail store in Hannover in about two weeks! Hoping to get a look at it then!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Angst? What angst? :eyeroll: 😆

    Thank you Joshua. This is welcome news, and like you I am excited to see how well they carry off the color shifting. These colored demonstrators are the only demos that interest me, and I will add one to my flock for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s a beauty. I’ve been looking for a good souvenir pen when I visit Berlin and was having trouble finding something that I really like. 805 Stresemann is the current contender (based on what I see avail online) but these 205s have been so pretty. I currently have the transparent blue and after some nib work is one of my smoothest writers. Decisions decisions

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    • You can just do what I do though I wouldn’t recommend it financially or in the name of a happy marriage but… You can just get them all. With choices like these, best to not stress 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • That’s a pretty subjective evaluation. Personally, I could go either way with it. I’m sure that people would have made the same statement if it were done in gold. In January, I ran a poll and after 674 votes, the chromium plated trim of the M205 won out 54% to 46%.

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  4. It looks beautiful. I really like the color of the ink and think this pen will be just as beautiful. Not sure if I will get one as I’m already over budget for pens this year. But if they are around for a while maybe I’ll be able to snag one. Thank you for keeping us updated.


    • Based on past releases, I don’t think you have to jump in on day one. It’s one of those judgement calls but keep an eye on the market and you likely can snag one at a later date. The real problem appears to be that you need a bigger pen budget ;-).


  5. Thanks for breaking the news, Joshua.

    This one is beautiful – but then again, I like all demos 🙂 . So, I’m suspect.
    I particularly like the idea of shifting the color from darker to lighter. Well done to Pelikan here!

    Unfortunately, this bird will not nest at my home, because… well, I’ve already blown my pen budget many times over this year 😦 .


    • Happy to bring news to the community but thanks. I think this one is gonna be a looker in person but will reserve judgement until they are in the wild. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick one up down the road.


  6. Looks interesting , just hoping it would be a little more transparent , so the colour would be more visible .
    The photos most likely are deceiving , can*t wait for video reviews .

    Also it would be nice if they had more nib choises , that would justify having a couple of m20x 😀


    • If you look at some of the older M2xx pens from the 80s and early 90s, you can find all kinds of nib offerings such as obliques and double broads and the like which are perfectly compatible with today’s models. Harder to find such nibs loose though.


    • It will be avaialable for purchase in September. You can contact just about any Pelikan vendor at this point and put in a pre-order. Otherwise, would plan to check with your retailer in early September to inquire about availability.


    • Lawrence, I am in fact not the Hub Master for Philadelphia this year. Pelikan chose Frank Limper as Hub Master instead. I am functioning as a co-Hub master of sorts and supporting him based on my past experience with the event. I’ll certainly be in attendance though with my full collection.


    • I love the pen. It is exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered. The green varies across the pen in a subtle way that really stands out. This and the Aquamarine are neck and neck for my affection.

      Pelikan M205 Olivine


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