The M625 debuted in 2006 as the dark blue transparent model which was followed up by two other releases in the subsequent years.  They have since been discontinued by Pelikan.  There is only one trim variant and size of M625 since it was released after the 1997 trim change.  These pens are heavier than the M600 due to their sterling silver components.  They are distinguished from other pens in the M6xx family because they have sterling silver caps, piston knobs, and sections.  The M625 pens have a crown cap top and silver-colored trim.  There are no trim rings at the piston knob or section and there is a single cap band.  The barrels are translucent but are actually quite dark in color.  The dark blue and aubergine pens have colored bands enameled into the side of the cap.  The cap top contains the one chick Pelikan logo.  The nibs of these pens are 18C-750 rhodium plated gold.  The caps are engraved “Ag 925” along with the more typical “Pelikan Souverän Germany.”


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
5.28 in
3.27 in
2.40 in
6.10 in
0.49 in
1.05 oz


Barrel Color

Cap Color

Dark Blue Transparent (2006)
Sterling Silver
Dark Red Transparent (2007)
Sterling Silver
Aubergine Transparent (2008)
Sterling Silver
Pelikan M625 Dark Blue Transparent

Dark Blue Transparent


Pelikan M625 Dark Red Transparent

Dark Red Transparent


Pelikan M625 Aubergine Transparent

Aubergine Transparent