The M350 was released along side the M300 in 1998.  It followed the M650 and M850 which was released the year prior.  This pen only comes in one color, black with a gold vermeil cap.  These pens are distinguished from the black M300 only by their vermeil cap.  To produce vermeil, the manufacturer bonds a thin layer of very pure gold to an underlying silver base.  The cap band is stamped “925” denoting 92.5% pure sterling silver.  Like the black M300,  the pens have a black piston knob and section with a green translucent ink window.  There are two cap bands, a trim ring at the section, and two trim rings at the piston knob.  The furniture is gold-plated and the crown cap top depicts a painted two chick logo.  The pen has a 0.65ml ink capacity.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
4.33 in
2.68 in
1.93 in
5.12 in
0.39 in
0.56 oz 

Barrel Color

Cap Color

Black (1998)


Pelikan M350 Black Posted