News: M405 Silver-White Announced

Pelikan M405 Silver-White fountain penWith the M205 Moonstone about to arrive in stores, news of Pelikan’s next product release has broken.  I first saw it announced by the Polish vendor Pióromaniak.  Next to market will be the M405 Silver-White.  The last time a new M4xx model was introduced to the line-up was in 2016.  This one conjures images of the last several M6xx releases which have employed a similar color scheme, the main difference between the two lines being their size of course.  The M405 Silver-White may hit that sweet spot for those that like a smaller pen.  It joins a rather exclusive group of M405 models, a model line that only came about 18 years ago making it a relative newcomer to the Souverän series.  This new release will join the likes of the M405 Black (2002), Blue/Black (2003), Dark Blue (2003), and Stresemann (2016).  Many of those were/are regular models in the line-up and not special edition releases.  This one also looks to join the ranks as a standard edition.  Look for the Silver-White to hit store shelves sometime in November of this year.


Pelikan M405 Silver-White fountain pen


The defining feature of the Silver White are the cellulose acetate stripes that adorn the barrel.  The silver stripes, described as an expressive interpretation of the classic Souverän, appear much lighter than those on the Anthracite Stresemann that came before.  The pre-release photos suggest an opaque barrel that lacks a discrete ink view window or any transparency between the stripes like we’ve seen on other models (e.g. M605 White Transparent, 2017).  The cap, section, and piston knob are made from a white resin.  To round out the silver look, all the furniture is palladium plated.  This one sports the typical trim of the modern Souverän which includes two rings at the piston knob, one trim ring on the section, two cap bands, and a beak clip.  The cap top features the company’s single chick logo which is also plated in palladium.  The nib is a monotone silver color, an effect achieved by applying rhodium plating to 14C-585 gold.  It will be available in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B. The M405 is 4.92 inches long and weighs 15.3 grams with an ink capacity of approximately 1.30mL making it a smaller pen by today’s standards but one that really shines when posted.  An accompanying K405 ballpoint in the same finish will also be available.  Pricing will vary by region and vendor, but I suspect that you can anticipate something in the neighborhood of $300 – $400 as a reasonable ballpark.  Keep in mind that some vendors will need to ask a premium for the EF nib option.  In their literature, Pelikan suggest Edelstein Moonstone as a good ink to pair with the Silver-White.

Pelikan M405 Silver-White fountain pen

M405 Fountain Pen

Pelikan K405 Silver-White ballpoint pen

K405 Ballpoint Pen


I’m not sure how I feel about the M405 Silver-White just yet.  It seems rather bland looking with perhaps not enough contrast between the white and silver components.  The colors leave me feeling a little cold.  Hopefully it will be more impressive when seen in person (they usually are).  There are also a few detractors that jump out such as the increased risk of staining inherent to white pens as well as the lack of a dedicated ink view window (should that turn out to be the case) that so many of us rely on for gauging a pen’s remaining ink level.  Still, I’m sure this one will find its footing, perhaps with those that found the Anthracite Stresemann a touch too dark.  The fact that it is to join the line-up as a standard addition means that it should be around for a while if you are undecided up front.  What are your thoughts on the upcoming M405 Silver-White?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

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    • Unfortunately, Pelikans don’t seem to get discounted much in my experience. Perhaps being a regular part of the line=up will afford more opportunity for such.


    • I haven’t experienced any issues personally but I do still hear that the issue crops up still for various people. It’s why I tend to not post my white pens and I’m a big poster when possible.


  1. I too wonder if maybe the contrast between the binde material and the white resin might be a bit more interesting in person, in 3D and under dynamic lighting conditions. I am certainly hoping so.

    It is interesting that Moonstone is suggested as a good ink to pair with this pen. This is not far from what I had hoped for out of the M205 Moostone (which was silver version of the M200 Gold Marbled).

    I think it is an attractive pen.


  2. I guess it might appeal to someone who has collected the other white-capped M600/605s, but otherwise I’m not sure it is so much different to the M605 White Transparent to be worthwhile. I also felt that the white plastic has kind of a cheap look and feel, for some reason. Certain colours of Pelikan plastic resemble Lego plastic to me, including this white and the red on the M101 Bright Red. I’d say this is an ok pen but not exciting by any means.

    The last Pelikans that really grabbed me were the M800 Stone Garden and the M101N Grey-Blue (which is my favourite of the M101Ns – there’s something very classy and vintage about the highly-polished deep black cap on that one, and how it contrasts with the silver trim and light, chattoyant barrel).


  3. I like my m605 White Transparent just fine, especially paired with J Herbin Cacao du Bresil, which looks like liquid graphite on the page. I’ve been careful to limit the inks I put in this pen for fear of staining. The m405 Silver White looks like more of the same. One of these is enough.


  4. Thank you for the preview! I’m positively surprised by this new addition to the M400 family. I like the looks of this pen – elegant simplicity. I think it will make a nice companion for my M400 Whilte Tortoise 😉 I’m not concerned too much about staining, you just need to take a bit more care. The White Tortoise has the same white body, and I’ve never had a problem with staining. I will certainly get this pen. Already looking forward to it.


    • There is not much time left till the end of the year though I still expect 1 or 2 more releases for 2020. Not sure if an M8xx will get punted until next year due to the Coronavirus issues.


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  6. I say it’s about time Pelikan put out a new M4XX in any color. So many pens are marketed to people with large hands who like huge pens; it’s really hard for people who like smaller pens to find anything new. I wish Pelikan would expand this line; I could go for pink, turquoise, peach, etc. I mean, just TRY to find an M600 Pink! And there are precious few of the Turquoise models left in the wild. You would think that with the apparent success of those lines, Pelikan would venture out a little more into some real color. And while I’m at it (whining, I know!), I’d like to tell them to offer more M300s in some new, pretty colors.

    OK, bottom line on the M405 Silver-White: it is a very pretty pen. I like the shimmer on the silver stripes; it probably shows up more in person. The size is perfect for me. And ever since I bought my M600 Pink, I’ve loved the white-accented Pelikans. But I’m on the fence on this one. I like it, but I’d prefer more color. I’ll wait a while and see if it grows on me.


    • Larger pens does seem to be the prevailing trend these days. I think the M4xx size is perfection if you post your pens. The M600 Pink is next to impossible to source these days and when you find one, the prices are outrageous. Since it’ll be a regular part of the line-up for now, no problem waiting on this one.


  7. Thanks for breaking the news.
    I don’t go in for the M400s, but my wife is all over this one.
    I would love to see it in the M800 size, and the way Pelikan phrased the announcement seemed to indicate the intention of making other models beyond the M405 (“All models of the series will be part of the standard collection starting November 2020.”). Or, was that just a mistake? In any case, it gives me hope that it may indeed appear in the M800 size.


    • It’s hard to say but I see what you mean. The English translations that come out of Hannover have always left a lot to be desired. It may be foreshadowing of more to come or simply bad translation. I guess only time will tell.


  8. I was going to wait to see if the price fell, given that it’s added to the main line-up, but my local pen store listed it at a 20% discount that equalled the best price that I could find in Europe (A$440/US$325) so I succumbed to temptation and supported my local B&M store. The pen arrived today, so much faster than international shipping these days. It is quietly pretty, sitting next to its siblings in the flock.


    • Glad to hear that you were able to support a local B&M. I don’t find that the prices drop that much on Pelikan’s pens and then you always run the risk of poor availability later on, particularly with the more popular models. Enjoy your new pen!


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