The P205 cartridge fountain pen was first introduced in 2014.  It was released in response to a long-standing request for a pen of classic styling with a cartridge type filling system.  As of now, it is only available in black.  This is the first cartridge/converter pen in Pelikan’s Classic series.  The styling is very similar to the M205.  The cap has a single cap band, pelican beak clip, and crown cap top with a one chick painted logo.  The cap is identical to the M205 and is actually interchangeable.  The barrel has a single trim ring just above the cap threads and is unscrewed from the section to accommodate one long or two short international cartridges as well as Pelikan’s own C499 converter.  The nib is polished stainless steel but cannot be swapped with the nibs of the M2xx or M4xx lines.  The furniture is chromium plated.  The ink capacity with a long standard international cartridge is 1.4ml.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
4.92 in
3.23 in
2.20 in
5.79 in
0.48 in
0.42 oz 

Barrel Color

Cap Color

Black (2014)


Pelikan P205 Black Cartridge Pen