News: M605 Stresemann Announced

Pelikan M605 StresemannWith the M800 Brown-Black just starting to ship from retailers this week and the recently announced M200 Gold Marbled still not quite a month away, fresh news breaks yet again detailing the next release out of Hannover.  For those that have been particularly observant, I’ve been teasing about Pelikan plugging one of the glaring holes in their M6xx line-up this year.   Once again, it is Appelboom, this time via their Instagram account, who informs us that day is now upon us with the upcoming release of the M605 Stresemann (a.k.a. Black-Anthracite).  Due out in mid-November, this M605 will join the M805 (2015), M405 (2016), and M1005 (2019) models that already sport the same design.  Many people have been waiting for this finish to grace the mid-sized model that so many prefer.  The only other model that might make a bigger splash would be a Tortoiseshell Brown M600 but the rumor mill remains silent on that one.  If you’re seeing the Stresemann name for the first time and are wondering from where it originates, it is most simply explained as a term that has long been used to describe the classic pinstriped appearance of Pelikan’s pens.  An unofficial nickname of sorts for the Souverän line, it was derived from the Secretary of State of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann, who was well-known for wearing black/grey striped trousers and a jacket in black or anthracite.  The Stresemann pens honor that legacy.


Pelikan M605 Stresemann


The barrel of this new M605 will prominently feature the now familiar anthracite stripes made from cellulose acetate while the section, piston knob, and cap are derived from a black resin.  The furniture is palladium plated and includes two trim rings at the piston knob, a single ring on the section, two cap bands, a beak clip, and a cap top featuring Pelikan’s single chick logo.  The nib is a monotone 14C-585 rhodium plated gold anticipated to be available in the widths of EF, F, M, and B.  There should be transparency between the anthracite stripes to allow for accurately gauging the pen’s remaining ink level.  The M405 and M805 iterations of this model have had matching ballpoints and rollerballs available.  From what I have seen thus far, the M605 will only have a matching K605 ballpoint.  The M605 is 5.28 inches long capped, 6.10 inches when posted, weighs 0.56 ounces, and has an ink capacity of approximately 1.30mLs.  It fits nicely as a middle ground for those who find the M405 too small and the M805 too large.

The E.U. MSRP for this one appears to be €370 which translates to around €296 at retail with VAT.  That means customers in the U.S. can anticipate picking this one up from anywhere between $275 and $375 when shopping overseas, depending on the vendor.  Domestic pricing is not yet available but will likely be more expensive (I’m guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of $380 to $450).  If that is not within your budget right now, don’t worry about it.  Just like the M405 and M805 versions, this one will join the standard line-up and therefore will be available for the foreseeable future.  That is different from the M1005 version which is a special edition and will not be available once stock is exhausted.

Pelikan M605 Stresemann Fountain Pen

M605 Stresemann

Pelikan K605 Stresemann Ballpoint

K605 Stresemann


I think that the word of this release will be welcome news for many.  How about it?  Is this one that you’ve been waiting for or have we dipped into the Stresemann well one too many times already?  How many of these Anthracite models have already made it into your collection?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. I picked up an M405 Stresemann a while back and, to tell the truth, it’s not a favorite of mine. I certainly don’t want to get an M605 in the same color, even though the larger size is more comfortable in my hand.

    As I’m not a big fan of the white + pastel combinations, it looks like no new M60x series pen for me this year.

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    • It’s funny–I feel quite differently about the tortoise finishes. Perhaps because no two look exactly alike. I have an M400 (1996), M400 (2016), 400NN, all in brown tortoise, plus the M600 white tortoise. I’d happily pick up other vintage tortoises or an M600 if they would make one.

      Just a little obsessed, I guess. But the Stresemann doesn’t do it for me.


  2. Thanks for the news Joshua!
    Yes, no question, this one goes into the collection (going to be an expensive Holiday season this year… will skip any new Apples in favor of fountain pens 😉 ). That will make a straight set, every size. I love this finish. Only problem will be deciding the nib.

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    • I’m wondering how many people would go for a lateral collection of these. I do like the finish but just don’t know if I need another pen with the same look. They’ll all be around for a while, except the M1005, so no need to rush to a decision.


  3. Thanks for breaking the news, Joshua.

    Contrary to my friend BillH above, I think I’ll skip this one. The M600 is not really my size (I rarely use the ones I have) and, between my wife and I, we already have all the other sizes in this finish. So, it doesn’t add much to me. But, I’m happy that those who prefer the M600 now have the option to get this beautiful pen.

    Do you know if it will be SE or regular edition? Also, do you know if the M1005 is SE or regular edition?


  4. I am with BillH and Striated. This pen is definitely going into my flock.The M600 is one of my go-to models for my daily carry, and I have been lamenting the lack of an M605 Stresemann for a while now. My wife also enjoys the M600, so that is yet another reason to expand our M6xx wardrobe.

    However, I don’t know how quickly it will enter my flock since despite saving for some purchases, I just blew up my budget picking up the M1005 and the brown M800, along with a few other accessories. I have already given up Starbucks and am brown-bagging lunch to finance this year’s already-planned purchases, and holiday gift-giving is just around the corner, so the M605 Stresemann may have to wait.

    But this pen is definitely entering my flock, sooner or later.


    • Thankfully, you’ll have time to wait as this one will be around for a while. Seems that we’ve gotten a bunch of releases clustered at once which is hard for the wallet.


  5. Joshua, thanks for the very informative news on this. The 05 series look very in keeping with the man they celebrate and I will have to re-look at them again. So appetite and interest whetted I will have to adjust my wish list to include the 805 and 605.
    with best wishes and bye for now,


    • At least now, it simply comes down to a preference of size and budget. It’s nice to have options. I like both the M605 and M805 so it’d be a tough call if I had to only pick one.


  6. YES! This is the one I’ve been waiting for! Time to sell off some other pens in preparation. I’ve been waiting on Pelikan to finally release this beauty and I look forward to using it as my daily driver.

    Thank you for the wonderful news, Joshua.


  7. In my defense, I can only say that besides loving the Stresemann material, I couldn’t take a pass on two new Pelikans in one year. I’ve already decided to skip the Ruby Slippers model and am afraid that if I’d skipped the 605 Stresemann my friend in Mosquitoville would again think I was quitting fountain pens 😉

    And yes, so many new ones so close together is a stretch. The saving grace for my Pelikan collecting this year is the amazing ugliness of the 2019 MB WE (NOT buying that one saved enough for a couple new birds for the flock).

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  8. This is definitely going into my collection. I absolutely adore the Stresemann edition; it’s black and Rhodium aesthetic makes it more conservative for work settings, but it has more flair than a plain black and rhodium pen.
    I already own an M805 Stresemann with a Mike Masuyama fine stub/italic grind and an M405 Stresemann with a Bacas blade turk grind, so I am going to leave the M605 with a standard nib.


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