The M600 was initially released in 1985, the black variant first followed by burgundy in 1989 and then green striated in 1990.  At the time of their introduction, these pens were the same size as the M400 which was reintroduced a few years earlier.  Depending on the year of release, the M600 can be found in two varying trim styles as well as different physical dimensions.  At launch, the pen had kept the M400 sizing but had an upgraded trim package.  Pelikan restyled the trim on their pens in 1997 across all of their tradition and Souverän lines resulting in pre-’97 (“old style”) and post-’97 (“new style”) trim variations.  While all of the other pens in the Souverän line up underwent relatively minor cosmetic changes, the M600 is the only pen to see a dramatic shift in its physical dimensions creating two pens with the same moniker but very different sizes, the post-’97 model being noticeably larger.  

The pre-’97 pens are distinguished by two cap bands, a trim ring at the section, and a thicker trim ring at the piston knob.  Some of the pens manufactured before the re-unification will have “W.-Germany” engraved on the cap band.  The furniture is gold-plated and the cap top has an etched two chick logo.  The barrel exhibits transparency to allow the ink level to be viewed on the striated models whereas an ink window serves this purpose on the solid colored models.  The nib, if original, can be used to date the pen.  They are all “logo” nibs which were 18C-750 monotone gold from 1985-1988, 14C-585 two-tone gold in 1989, and 18C-750 two-tone gold from 1990 until the pen’s design change.  The ink capacity is approximately 1.30 mL.  

Pelikan M600 Green Striated Old Style Capped Pelikan M600 Green Striated Old Style Posted

The post-’97 pens have a black piston knob, section, and cap.  There are two cap bands, a trim ring at the section, and two trim rings at the piston knob.  The furniture is gold-plated.  The cap top has a painted two chick logo from 1997-2003, a one chick logo from 2003-2010, and a 24K plated one chick logo cap top from 2010 to present.  The nib depicts the Pelikan logo and is a two-tone 14C-585 gold (special editions more commonly have 18C-750 gold nibs).  The barrel exhibits transparency to allow the ink level to be viewed on the striated variations whereas an ink window again serves this purpose on the solid colored models.  The ink capacity is approximately 1.30 mL.

Pelikan M600 Green Striated New Style Capped Pelikan M600 Green Striated New Style Posted

Further information on both the pre and post-’97 versions of these pens can be found here and here.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
5.00 in
3.23 in
2.20 in
5.87 in
0.46 in
0.52 oz
5.28 in
3.27 in
2.40 in
6.10 in
0.49 in
0.57 oz


Pre-1997 Trim 

Barrel Color

Cap Color

Black (1985)
Burgundy (1989)
Green Striated (1990)
Tortoiseshell Brown*

*Released sometime between 1985 – 1996 for the Japanese market (very rarely seen).

Pelikan M600 Old Style Green Striated, Burgundy, and BlackPelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Brown Old Style


NOTE:  The tortoise photograph is courtesy of Daeng of FPN.


Post-1997 Trim 

Barrel Color

Cap Color

Green Striated (1997)
Blue Striated (1997)
Black (1997)
Tortoiseshell Brown (1999)
Blue Transparent Demonstrator (2001)*
Blue Transparent Demonstrator
Red Striated (2003)
Green O’ Green (2011 §)
Green O’ Green
Tortoiseshell White (2012 §)
Ruby Red (2012 §)
Ruby Red
Vibrant Green (2014 §)
Vibrant Green
Pink (2015 §)
Turquoise (2018 §)
Vibrant Orange (2018 §)
Vibrant Orange
Violet-White (2019 §)
Tortoiseshell Red (2020 §)

§ Denotes special edition release

*A limited edition of 3500 fountain pens (ballpoint pens exist as well) produced for Sony Malaysia in 2001 and packaged in a gift box.  Equipped with a 14C-585 two-tone gold nib, transparent blue barrel and cap, and gold furniture.  These were sold through Pelikan’s Asian distributors.  There are unsubstantiated reports that there was another run of these sometime later that were made available.

Pelikan M600 Green Striated

Green Striated


Pelikan M600 Blue Striated

Blue Striated


Pelikan M600 Black



Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Brown

Tortoiseshell Brown


Pelikan M600 Blue Demonstrator for Sony

Blue Demonstrator – Sony


Pelikan M600 Red Striated

Red Striated


Pelikan M600 Green O' Green

Green O’ Green


Pelikan M600 White Tortoise

White Tortoise


Pelikan M600 Ruby Red

Ruby Red


Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green

Vibrant Green


Pelikan M600 Pink



Pelikan M600 Turquoise-White Fountain Pen



Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange

Vibrant Orange


Pelikan M600 Violet-White



Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell Red

Tortoiseshell Red