The Aviary


Fountain Pens

  • A detailed account of all of the known variations in the M75, M1xx, M2xx, and M6xx family of fountain pens including the M481 and M101N.  Links include detailed lists, descriptions, and pictures of many of the documented pens.  Over time, other models will be added here as well.


Accessories & Ephemera

  • This area details various Pelikan accessories that I have come across, including but not limited to Pelikan pen stands and cases as well as any other notable ephemera.


Pelikan Brand Inks

  • An accounting of available Pelikan inks and descriptions with plans for swabs where available and links to reviews.


Books About Pelikan

  • An overview of the books that have specifically been written about the Pelikan brand, history, advertising, pens, inks, and other ephemera.


Writing Samples

  • An area containing standardized examples of writing from various Pelikan nibs in order to help users understand the differences in nib widths but also to appreciate the variability inherent in individual Pelikan nibs.


Glossary of Terms

  • A glossary of various fountain pen related terminology, an understanding of which enhances any discussion of fountain pens.



  • An attempt to outline the introduction dates of many of Pelikan’s fountain pens over the years as culled from many sources.  It is important to understand that many of these dates are approximate due to the nature of the available records.


Dating a Pelikan

  • This portion of the site endeavors to review basic defining characteristics of Pelikan fountain pens over the years which allows us to get a rough estimation of years of production.


Reference Materials

  • This link is a collection of past posts that would best be classified under reference material.  These posts represent essential information that users will want to have quick access to again in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • A compendium of questions and answers that frequently surrounds Pelikan and their pens.