The M605 first debuted as a special edition in solid dark blue released for the export market only in 2003 alongside the similarly colored M405 and M805, all of which are now discontinued.  There is only one trim variant and size of the M605 since it was released after the 1997 trim change.  These pens are distinguished from the M600 because they have rhodium plated furniture as opposed to yellow gold and have also been available in a few different color patterns.  The M605 pens have a crown cap top, rhodium colored trim, double trim rings at the piston knob, a trim ring at the section, and double cap bands.  The cap tops will have a painted one chick logo until 2010 at which point the logo becomes rhodium plated.  The nibs of these pens are 14C-585 two-toned gold except for the Marine Blue special edition which has a rhodium plated nib.  1.30ml ink capacity.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
5.28 in
3.27 in
2.40 in
6.10 in
0.49 in
0.57 oz


Barrel Color

Cap Color

Solid Dark Blue (2003 §)
Solid Dark Blue
Black (2012 §)
Blue Striated (2012 §)
Marine Blue Transparent (2013 §)
Marine Blue Transparent
White Transparent (2017 §)
Stresemann/Anthracite (2019)
Green-White (2021)
Tortoiseshell-Black (2022 §)

§ Denotes special edition release


Pelikan M605 Solid Dark Blue

Solid Dark Blue

Pelikan M605 Black


Pelikan M605 Blue Striated

Blue Striated

Pelikan M605 Marine Blue

Marine Blue


Pelikan M605 White Transparent Fountain Pen Posted

White Transparent


Pelikan M605 Stresemann

Stresemann (Anthracite/Black)


Pelikan M605 Green-White



Pelikan M605 Tortoiseshell-Black