News/Poll: Edelstein Aquamarine Added to the Standard Line-Up

Edelstein AquamarineEarlier today, Pelikan announced via their Facebook Page that the Edelstein Ink of the Year for 2016, Aquamarine, is to be added to the standard ink line-up.  The photo’s caption reads, “Aquamarine is back.”  The announcement corresponds with the International Day of Happiness, a UN sanctioned celebration designed to promote happiness in the world around us.  This breaks with the prior tradition of making the Edelstein IOTY editions available only as limited runs that were forevermore unavailable once stock ran out.  I’m not certain why Aquamarine was chosen over any of the other limited editions that have come before it.  I know that there are many out there, myself included, that would love to see inks like 2013’s Amber make a come back.  Does the permanent resurrection of Aquamarine make you happy?  Click the link below to participate in a poll about which limited edition colors you would like to see make a come back and don’t forget that next spring promises to bring us an as yet unnamed shade of olive-green.


11 responses

  1. Yes-yes-yes! I’m also hoping they will add Amber to their regular lineup.

    I like Aquamarine a lot, but why yet another blue-ish-green? Ah well, it’s a decent color.

    And I’m looking forward to trying out Smokey Quartz, which looks promising.

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  2. I’m not much of an ink fan. Pelikan user – levels in black, black/green, Royal blue, brown … kind of depending on how I relate to the time-period of the pen. But the 2016 Edelstein of the year is in my Parson’s Essential with a cursive stub and provides just enough color to be interesting and friendly without the over-all German angst of the various time periods of the PelPens.

    I realize this is a highly subjective evaluation.

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  3. Interesting! I am also hoping that this may lead to a return of both Amber and Turmaline. I wonder why they chose Aquamarine? Maybe sales were that good of this particular colour and they figured the demand was there? Pelikan makes me scratch my head sometimes haha. 😉
    Either way, I’ll take it as a good sign and keep my fingers crossed that some previous limited inks will be added to the line too 🙂


    • I doubt that we’ll see this as a trend and I don’t think they are going to go digging up old inks from the graveyard. I also wonder if sales numbers had something to do with the decision. I assume that it would have had to have been a major factor in the decision. I haven’t seen too much love for Turmaline previously.


  4. Yes, I laid in a small stash as well. Hope that the assumed good sales numbers weren’t just folks like Rob and I “getting some saved”… might surprise them when the hoped for great sales don’t follow through.


    • I actually question this new twist. I would presume that a fair bit of the IOTY sales would be driven by the promise of its scarcity and/or exclusivity. If you take that away and have people second guess it, I wonder if sales down the line will suffer. If you are going to bring back an ink, why Aquamarine which I’m sure wasn’t even out of the supply chain yet? Would have made more sense to dig a little deeper in the past. I would have loved to have seen perhaps a sampler of all of the past IOTY editions sold as a 5 bottle set in perhaps 30mL bottles. To me that would be neat.

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  5. I love this colour and am happy that it will be readily available. But call my cynical, what are the odds that Pelikan is planning a “UN Special Edition” coming soon to Massdrop 🙂

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  6. I have to say that I was sure Amber was going to win the day as far as the vote was concerned. There is just a little bit of time left on the poll and I’m surprised to see Amethyst lead the way. I guess there are no losers here as both are great inks. Seems like Aquamarine was not the favorite in this admittedly small sample size. Again, I do question how Pelikan determined that Aquamarine should be the ink to carry forward but I doubt that we’ll ever know.


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