Pelikan Gunther Wagner Travel Ecritoire

Pelikan Gunther Wagner Travel Ecritoire 1 Pelikan Gunther Wagner Travel Ecritoire 2


This was sold as a display/presentation case for the Pelikan Toledo M910 special edition.

Product literature states that; “During the stagecoach era of the last century traveling salesmen and artists witnessed the development of the travel escritoire. It served as a holder of valuable writing instruments as well as a writing base which could be transported anywhere. One of Pelikan’s founders, Gunther Wagner, used this handy requisite during his travels which certainly helped in writing many fine letters.”

This is a reproduction of the historical Pelikan Travel Escritoire made of solid wood.  It holds up to 3 writing instruments and the tray can be removed.  There are several compartments and it will hold an ink bottle.  Measures 8 3/4 x 5 x 4 inches closed.