Pen Cases

Pelikan has released several different types of pen cases over the years.  These are generally well constructed and serve their purpose without issue.  The multi-pen cases include a divider which helps keep the pens separated and they will accommodate pens at least as large as the M800.  There have been many variations over the years and below is only a small depiction of what is and has been available.


Pen Cases

TG11 & TG12 (1 pen)

Pelikan TG11 Leather Pen CasePelikan TG12 Leather Pen Case


TG21 & TG22 (2 pen)

Pelikan TG21 Leather Pen Case Pelikan TG22 Leather Pen Case


TG31 & TG32 (3 pen)

Pelikan TG31 Leather Pen Case Pelikan TG32 Leather Pen Case


*A TG41 four pen case did exist but is no longer in production.  Older versions of these cases had a gold medallion logo in place of today’s embossed logo.



Pelikan TG180 Red Leather Pen Case


Pelikan TG181 Green Leather Pen CaseTG182

Pelikan TG182 Yellow Leather Pen Case


Pelikan TG183 Black Leather Pen Case


Pelikan TG184 Blue Leather Pen Case