News: The M151 Gets A Big Brother – Introducing The M251

Pelikan M251Some of you may recall a small post that I wrote back in 2015 titled “The (Short) Story of the M151.”  If not, allow me to refresh your memory.  Pelikan introduced the M150 alongside the M200 back in 1983 in order to provide a smaller alternative in the Classic series of pens.  The M150 Green-Black came about in 1988 and underwent a redesign in 1997.  Found predominantly in the Italian market, the M151 is nothing more than a regional variation of the standard post-1997 Green-Black M150 sold with fancier packaging.  The atypical designation was once explained by one of Pelikan’s European sales & marketing representatives like so; “M151 is the company’s own ‘internal description’ for the M150 model and is the name that the pen has come to be sold under in certain export markets.”  Sales literature can be found that seemingly elevates this particular model to some sort of legendary status.  One such tagline reads “Everything passes…myths remain.”  New for 2019, it would appear that the M151 has gotten a big brother aptly named the M251.  Dressed in the exact same trim and color scheme, the M251 is distinguished from the M151 only by its larger size.  Read on to find out all of the details.


Pelikan M151 and M251 Fountain Pens

The Italian text loosely translates to; “The M151 gets bigger and becomes 251.”  Top: Pelikan M151. Bottom: Pelikan M251


If you like smaller pens, the M151 is a great daily writer.  It is 4.74 inches long capped and expands to 5.81 inches when posted with a diameter of o.43 inches. It weighs only o.42 ounces and holds about 1.18mL of ink.  Sales literature indicates that it was popular demand which prompted Pelikan to introduce the M151’s finish in a larger size.  Consequently, the M251 sports the same dimensions as a standard M200 which equates to a Pelikan M251capped length of 4.92 inches, a posted length of 5.71 inches, and a diameter of 0.46 inches.  It weighs in at 0.49 ounces and holds around 1.20mL of ink.  We have never before seen a Green-Black M200 (not withstanding the Green-Black M481 ) so this is a unique release in the Classic series, particularly important for those looking to collect them all.  Both models sport a crown cap top, a single cap band, a beak clip, and a single trim ring at the piston knob.  All of the furniture is gold plated.  The plastic crown lacks any plating and the cap top displays Pelikan’s single chick logo.  The barrel is a solid green resin in classic Pelikan fashion accented by a black resin section, piston knob, and cap.  Each pen sports a gold plated stainless steel nib though the M251’s nib is larger due to the overall size of the pen.  Interestingly, it appears that the M251 is being offered only with F and M nibs from most vendors though any M2xx nib should fit.  One thing that you should be aware of and for reasons beyond my ability to fathom, Pelikan’s product shots depict the M151 and M251 as having green tinted ink view windows just behind the section.  In reality, that is not the case.  The pen that you receive will more likely than not have a gray ink view window, a small detail but one that you should be aware of.

Pelikan M251

M251 Fountain Pen


Pelikan’s nomenclature has sometimes been fraught with pitfalls and those who have a casual understanding of the brand may remember that the M250 line was once comprised of an upgraded M200 base fitted with a 14C-585 gold nib.  No such thing is found on the M251 which may result in some confusion.  Like the M151, this new model comes packaged in a nostalgic gift box and includes a bottle of Pelikan’s 4001 Royal Blue ink.  While a matching K151 ballpoint could be purchased with the M151, it appears that there is no such accompanying model for the M251.  These are available now and it is unclear if they will only be around for a limited time or are intended for a more prolonged production run.  Since they are only a regional release, you’ll have to source one from an Italian vendor if interested (I’ll link to a few below).  Prices vary but you can pick one up for around €125 (~$138.50) shipped which isn’t a bad deal for a piston filled fountain pen that makes for a very reliable daily writer.

Pelikan M251

This real world photograph of the M251 shows that the actual ink view window included on the final product is gray


Pelikan M251

The M251 comes with special nostalgic packaging and a bottle of Pelikan’s 4001 Royal Blue ink. Take note that the green ink view window depicted in these product shots does not reflect the real world product


Italian Vendors Carrying The M251

**I have no affiliation with the above retailers.  Their inclusion here is simply for your convenience and does not constitute an endorsement of any type**

15 responses

    • This does keep to the same palette as the M120, just with a somewhat different body style. If nothing else, it’s a bit more affordable than the M120 which might make for an attractive alternative.


  1. It seems strange to produce product literature showing a green ink window when the production is with a gray ink window. One department was definitely not talking to the other. Honestly, it seems like someone in charge doesn’t care. The gray ink window is very jarring in the photos. A green ink window would be very harmonious in the overall design. Perhaps someone thought it would be too similar to the green M120 special edition.

    While this is an upgrade to the M151 for the Italian market, I wonder how this compares to a regular M200?


    • They did the same thing with the M151. All of the literature shows a green ink window but the actual product arrived with a gray ink window. I like it better with green but it is what it is. For all intents and purposes, you can consider the M251 just the same as any regular M200. The mechanics, size, and style are all identical. It is essentially an M200 with a peculiar name and for a limited market.


  2. Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Personally, I’m not put off with the grey window at all. My choice was the M nib but I plan to swap it for an 18k M ‘spare’ nib I got at the time when I bought my M420. Pictures will be on FPN et al as soon as I can.


  3. thank you for showing this Joshua
    despite being in Italy I was not aware, and M200s are one of my passions
    I find this colour combo to be traditional school (my first FP ever was a 120 at the age of 6!) so I must have one of these…
    Casa della Stilografica Firenze is most likely where I’ll buy, they usually offer a discount to FPN members, but I will also check Stilo & Stile of Rome, they have an amazon shop and often have fair pricing


    • This one kind of snuck in under the radar. I purchased mine from Casa Della Stilografica and had a great experience but Stilo & Stile is a fine vendor too. I’d recommend both.


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