News: M200 Gold Marbled

Pelikan M200 Gold MarbledPelikan brought something new to the table with the finish of the M205 Star Ruby.  If you expected the company to retreat to the confines of the safe and predictable following that release, think again.  Thanks to Appelboom, we get our first official glimpse of the newest addition to Pelikan’s Classic line, the M200 Gold Marbled fountain pen.  Intended as an elegant yet more affordable alternative to the Souverän range, it would be understandable if you mistook this Classic model for one of the company’s more upmarket offerings.  The resin of the barrel displays various shades of gold imbued with what the company calls a “mother of pearl” effect designed to create a sense of warmth and soft color.  White resin accents are employed to compliment the golden hued barrel, the likes of which we’ve never before seen in the 34 year history of the Classic line (the M205 White notwithstanding).  This one is anticipated to hit store shelves sometime in mid-November with vendors likely to start taking pre-orders soon. The M2xx models are known as dependable writers that incorporate Pelikan’s legendary piston filling mechanism and the marbled finish has been a part of the Classic series for decades.  Recent iterations have included the M200 Green (2015), M205 Blue (2016), and M200 Brown (2017) Marbled variants.  If the sparkles of the Star Ruby weren’t to your liking, read on to see if the Gold Marbled has the Midas touch.

Pelikan M200 Gold Marbled

The M200 Gold Marbled’s cap, section, and piston knob are made of a white precious resin.  Just behind the section sits an ink view window done in a rich shade of amber.  The cap sports a beak clip and a single cap band at the lip along with a plated crown finial surrounding the cap top.  Speaking of the cap top, the company’s single chick logo done in gold on a black background can be seen.  The only other embellishment on the pen is a single trim ring at the piston knob and all of the above furniture is plated in 24 carat gold.  As mentioned already, the body of the pen features a pearlescent marbled pattern in various golden shades that give the pen a warm look.  The colors in the pre-release photos are almost reminiscent of the M400 and M600 Tortoiseshell White pens if you were to use your imagination and blur the lines of the striped pattern.  The nib on this M200 is a gold-plated stainless steel which will be available in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B.  Similar to past releases, there will also be a matching ballpoint available to compliment the fountain pen. 

Pelikan M200 Gold Marbled

M200 Gold Marbled Fountain Pen

Pelikan K200 Gold Marbled

K200 Gold Marbled Ballpoint Pen


There is not much known about pricing at present, particularly from domestic vendors.  Appelboom is currently offering this one at $120.55 plus shipping though prices from other vendors will likely vary somewhat once more information becomes available.  It’s not the worst price imaginable for a piston filled pen with this type of upscale appearance.  If you were to swap in a gold nib, you might forget that this one doesn’t carry the Souverän pedigree.  It’s no secret that the Classic series is where I first fell in love with the brand and that it still holds a special place in my heart.  The M200 Gold Marbled marks the second time in as many releases that we see Pelikan taking a new direction with their design.  These are bold, colorful moves that almost feel as if someone has hijacked the design process in Hannover.  When the rumors about this one started, I wasn’t sure what we’d be getting.  I’m pleasantly surprised and can only imagine that this one will look even better in person than what the available photos depict.  What do you think about the M200 Gold Marbled?  Is this one worthy of joining your flock?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. A definite maybe for me. I think I’d prefer it with a different cap/section color, say green or blue. The usual black would also be good; it would be similar looking to the Franklin-Christoph 02 Gold Rising, a really snazzy looking pen.

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    • I think black resin or another darker shade would swallow up the gold and make it look to muddy or dull. I think the white really lets the gold color shine through but I can see where you’re coming from.

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  2. I agree with Striated, above. Black and gold would have been a strong look, but this definitely has caught my interest. I have the m200 brown marbled pen, which I really like (next best thing to tortoise); the gold marbled might make a good companion.

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    • The Brown Marbled has a nice look to it. I like the choice of white here as I mentioned in the other comment. I just think black would have taken something away from the gold. I feel white lets the gold color shine through unopposed.


  3. I like the white; it’s a refreshing change for an M200. I’ll probably get one with an M400 gold nib and have it reground to either a stub or an architect nib. I think this would be a great partner for my M200 Brown Marble.

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    • My thoughts exactly. I hope they may be testing the waters with these Classic releases. There is likely little downside for them in terms of cost of production and they can gauge customer response which will hopefully inform future design decisions. I like where their head is at right now.

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  4. Love the look of this new offering. Yes, very much like the M400 White Tortoise which has always been on of the favorites in my flock–but please don’t tell the others. I don’t want them to be too jealous. Thanks for bringing us this surprising news, Josh.

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    • I think the Tortoiseshell White stands out in many flocks. Whenever I’m looking through my birds, that is one that just jumps out and catches the eye. I think the Gold Marbled will do the same.

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  5. This is definitely more of a definite maybe than the M800 brown stripes I was definitely, maybe, almost certainly considering. Definitely going to need an M400 nib though… definitely a fine, or maybe, possibly, probably, an extra-fine. Maybe a nib-grind too… er, possibly.


  6. Well this was a most amazing surprise. When I was the photos I definitely thought “M400” but with this being an M200 it has very high chances of being added to the flock. I have no need for another fountain pen, but this will go well with my M200 Cafe Creme, Brown Marbled, Blue Marbled, and the others. I don’t go for the demonstrators, so I haven’t been making a collection of those.

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