News: M200 Pastel-Green

Pelikan M200 Pastel-GreenWith the year winding to a close, you could certainly be excused if you thought that Pelikan was done with new product announcements.  It may come as a surprise than to learn that we have not one but two new products to talk about today courtesy of the well-respected German retailer Fritz Schimpf.  First up is a new M200 model set to debut in 2020, the Pastel-Green.  Pelikan must have had a lot of white resin left over after their run of the Gold-Marbled because we see it again utilized here.  It’s nice to see the company shift some of their attention away from the higher end Souverän range and focus more on their entry level Classic series.  I also like the fact that the company seems to be experimenting with more unique materials and stepping out of their comfort zone.  In this instance, we have a resin barrel with a marbled pattern of pastel green.  White resin accents set off the light green, flanking the barrel just like what we saw with the recently released Gold-Marbled.  This one is anticipated to be available at retail outlets sometime in mid-February 2020 and I would expect that vendors will start taking pre-orders soon.


Pelikan M200 Pastel-Green


The M200 Pastel-Green has a cap, section, and piston knob that are made from white resin.   Just behind the section sits a completely transparent ink view window.  It’s not often that we see an ink window from Pelikan without some tint which suggest the designers really tried to keep a light and airy feel for this one.  Pelikan’s literature (translated from the original German) states that the barrel is in fact translucent to a degree to allow a view of the pen’s inner workings.  I imagine this effect will be pulled off in much the same way we saw with this year’s Gold-Marbled.  The trim is standard fare for the M200 line and includes a beak clip, a single cap band, a crown finial surrounding the cap top, and a single ring at the piston knob.  All of the furniture is plated in 24 carat gold.  Perhaps Pelikan took heed of my criticism of the Gold-Marbled (not likely) because here we see that the cap top which display’s the company’s golden single chick logo is now made from white resin to match the rest of the pen’s styling.  I like this effect as the prior M200 release used a black cap top which seemed incongruous with the rest of the motif.  The nib on this M200 is the typical gold-plated stainless steel which will be available in the widths of EF, F, M, and B.  Also announced is a matching K200 ballpoint for those that prefer matching pieces or favor ballpoints over fountain pens.

Pelikan M200 Pastel-Green

M200 Pastel-Green fountain pen

Pelikan K200 Pastel-Green

K200 Pastel-Green ballpoint


There are no details available yet on what domestic pricing will look like though we can likely extrapolate from the Gold-Marbled and expect U.S. retail to hover around the $200 mark.  Fritz Schimpf is listing this one at €102.40 which translates to roughly $95.33 (VAT excluded) based on the current exchange rate.  Pelikan continues to make bold moves with their designs and I must say that the Pastel-Green is somewhat unexpected.  I fully admit that the look of this one may not suit everyone’s taste and I am going to reserve my own judgment until I can see some real world photos.  Is the Pastel-Green a must have or a major turn off for you?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pelikan M200 Pastel-Green

Pelikan’s G5 gift packaging has been adapted to the theme of this release, just like what we saw with the Gold-Marbled


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  2. This *is* a surprise–and fortunately (for my wallet), a pen I can pass up without regret. I do like the white & gold marbled m200, but I’m not fond of pastels.


  3. My initial reaction to the new pen is quite good. I like the light, airy feeling of the photos. And, as you’ve said, it is good to have another entry-level pen available.


  4. I think it’s gorgeous. I also like the white cap top. Black would’ve looked really strange. I’m not a big fan of green; however, this green is so light and airy, I think it might grow on me. I love pastel colors. I could also go for a light, airy turquoise, coral, pink, etc. I’m seeing a collection growing here. 🙂


  5. I really like this colour and design- (and also the Gold Marbled version just announced). But as I have nine of the Pelikan 200 series (leaving aside the large collection of 800s, 600s and 400s…), can I really justify more? I am sure you can give me wise advice on how to deal with this dilema…

    Or is the “easy way out” to ask for the pen as a Christmas present? But then how to respond to the inevitable question, do you really, really need a 10th pen, however gorgeous?


    • I gave up trying to justify it years ago. No, I don’t need a new pen. Yes I want one and have the means. Life is short. Do what makes you happy.

      Disclaimer: The Perch is not responsible for promoting financial ruin.

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  6. The M200 is small and fun writer. Pelikan is making good selection of the M290s to inspire collecting this portion of their long-standing production of great pens.
    My first fountain pen was a Pelikan
    Dave R.


  7. Well, it’s love at first sight for me. I just bought the gold one too. It’s a very unique color and will be perfect for Spring next year. I love greens in general. And the translucence is very appealing too.


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