News: M605 White Transparent

Pelikan M605 White Transparent Fountain PenIn addition to the Maki-e Dragonfly, Pelikan’s retail channels also broke news of the M605 White Transparent due out in the second half of next month (October 2017).  News of this model was first announced here at the Perch way back in July and much of what was expected at that time has materialized in the final release version of this new model.  Many will appreciate the fact that the M6xx line is getting some attention as this is the preferred size for many who find an M400 too small and an M800 too large.  Pelikan bills this model as a modern reinterpretation of the classic Souverän.  The official statement reads;

Gracefully with a gentle appearance. That‘s the look of the new Pelikan Souverän M605 White-Transparent. Thanks to its tone-in-tone design it seems to be inconspicuous but it is absolutely not. The bright but not cold white colour shades underline the very modern interpretation of the true classic Souverän.

If you’ve been waiting for Pelikan to release a new M6xx, this might be the one for you.

Pelikan M605 White Transparent see through barrelThis new M605 will have a white-transparent body made of cellulose acetate adorned with silver stripes.  The section, cap, and piston knob are made from a white resin.  The furniture will be palladium plated which seems to complement the silver stripes nicely.  The nib is a 14C-585 rhodium plated gold which is likely to be available in sizes EF, F, M, and B.  The transparency of the barrel will allow you to visualize and gauge the ink level remaining in the pen.  In addition to a fountain pen, a matching ballpoint will also be available.  This model will come packaged in a specially designed gift box that is reminiscent of what we saw with the M600 Pink.  Overseas retailers are quoting a price of around $375 for US customers.  Domestic pricing is likely to be higher once announced.

As far as white fountain pens go, some may have misgivings due to the ease with which they stain.  While it is true that they can be more stain prone, a little extra care is usually all that is required.  Personally, I’ll be passing on this M605 in favor of the M800 Ocean Swirl anticipated to follow on its heels.  What are your thoughts on the White Transparent and will you be picking one up?


Pelikan M605 White Transparent Fountain Pen


Pelikan K605 White Transparent Ballpoint Pen



Pelikan M605 White Transparent specially designed gift packaging

Pelikan M605 White Transparent specially designed gift packaging

18 responses

  1. It seems to lean toward ivory, and if so, I like it. A lot. If it’s white, I’ll definitely be giving it a pass. So: I’ll be waiting for further information from those who have one in hand.


  2. I think I will pick one of these up. The M6xx size is my favourite chassis (still waiting on that Stresemann! 😉 ) so I’m excited to see another pen in this size. I normally lean towards gold trim, and I originally thought that this would feel ‘cold’ to me, but on the contrary, I find the ivory warms it up, and it has a sleek and elegant feel. These would make a great wedding gift. Makes me want to run out and get married, so I can register for them 😉

    Clearly, Pelikan has ignored my previous rants and rage regarding the wretchedly cheap, Victoria’s Secret ribbon box, instead of returning to the classier packaging as befits these pens. Sigh.


    • No word on that yet but given the white substrate, I’d imagine it would be much more conspicuous than darker striated models. I’m wondering if it won’t actually take away from the appearance a bit.


  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Joshua. I’ll seriously consider this as; 1) M6XX fits my hand best, 2) Prefer the Rhodium trimmings than Gold, & 3) Been sourcing previous M605s – all but the Blue Striated seemed elusive due its availability & being too pricey (NOS).


    • The blue striped M605 is on my short list. It is indeed near impossible to find and not all that reasonably priced when you do. Good luck with your deliberations. A collection of M605s would be wonderful.


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