The M650 debuted in 1997 in both solid black and green striated models that have long since been discontinued by Pelikan.  A red striated model is occasionally seen as well but this is not likely to be a true M650 but rather an unofficial creation by some enterprising retailers.  There is also rumor of a bordeaux model which was created as an export for the Japanese market but I have not been able to verify the actual existence of this.  These pens are distinguished only by their vermeil cap.  To produce vermeil, the manufacturer bonds a thin layer of very pure gold to an underlying silver base.  Other than their caps, these pens are essentially standard M600 models in all of their other features.  There is a crown cap top and gold-plated furniture.  There are two trim rings at the piston knob, one trim ring at the section, and there are two cap bands.  The cap band reads, “Pelikan Souverän Germany 925.”  The black barrel has a green ink view window and the striated version has transparency.  The cap top has a painted two chick logo.  The nibs are two-toned 18C-750 gold.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
5.28 in
3.27 in
2.40 in
6.10 in
0.49 in
0.79 oz


Barrel Color

Cap Color

Green Striated (1997)
Black (1997)
Pelikan M650 Green Striated

Green Striated


Pelikan M650 Black