News: M805 Blue Dunes Special Edition

Pelikan M805 Blue Dunes Fountain PenJust yesterday I posted the first glimpses of the M805 Blue Dunes special edition (first put out by Penbox) and, as promised, am able to follow that up today with some additional details.  The actual promotional photos now available seem to affirm my first impression of a blue Grand Place type finish but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The official product information from Pelikan reads as follows;

“Gaze at the new Series Souverän M805 Blue Dunes and find yourself fascinated by a world of colors.  Contrasts of shadow and light interplay in hues from brilliant azure to deep, midnight blue.  The composition of flowing silhouettes displays distinct patches of color, yet it also harmoniously unites the varying shades of blue.  Like the color of sand dunes under a midnight moon, the interplay of blues in each M805 Blue Dunes writing instrument is unique.”

That is quite the colorful description and the inspiration behind the finish is definitely clearer now.  Pelikan frequently recommends ink pairings from their Edelstein line for new release and for this one they have chosen Topaz.  The M805 Blue Dunes appears to be on track for a late June 2019 release. 


Pelikan M805 Blue Dunes Fountain Pen


Looking at the official product shots, it appears that my early suspicions were correct in that this model will indeed be lacking a discrete ink view window.  The finish seems to rely on a degree of translucency in order to determine the remaining volume of ink in the pen, a feature that is sure to disappoint some.  Just how translucent the material will be isn’t clear and we will likely have to wait for some real world photos to surface before knowing.  The furniture is as previously reported and includes a plated cap top, a beak clip, two cap bands, two trim rings at the piston knob, and a single trim ring at the section all plated in palladium giving the trim a silver appearance.  Don’t be fooled by the artificial product lighting which gives the pen a hexagonal look in the photos.  This is a typical round Souverän.  The Blue Dunes will come in the standard dimensions of the M8xx line and the included nib will be a rhodium plated 18C-750 gold.  Available nib widths will only include the standard EF, F, M, and B with the EF nib likely bringing a surcharge from most vendors.

The M805 Blue Dunes fountain pen will have an accompanying K805 ballpoint as previously reported but no signs of a rollerball or pencil unfortunately. Pricing remains a mystery at this time and I will update this post once I have more information on that front.  As I indicated previously, I would anticipate that U.S. retail prices will likely be in the neighborhood of $650 to $700 which will include packaging with Pelikan’s standard gift box.

Pelikan M805 Blue Dunes Fountain Pen

M805 Blue Dunes


Pelikan M805 Blue Dunes Ballpoint Pen

K805 Blue Dunes


I really like the look of this one but my earlier critique still stands and I do hope that one day Pelikan might stumble upon a color wheel and realize the infinite varieties of colorful shades out there.  Perhaps that’s not a concern though since gluttons like myself are likely to buy the pen anyway.  Now that we have some fresh photos and a real look at this new model, what are your thoughts?  If the price is right, will you be adding one to your flock?


UPDATE – 5/14/19:  Pricing for the Blue Dunes has finally been announced.  U.S. buyers purchasing domestically can expect an MSRP of $775 which translates into a retail price in the neighborhood of $620.  Those of us looking for savings overseas can find this one ranging from $395 to $550, a sizable discount at the expense of domestic warranty support.  These prices are less than the Vibrant Blue (MSRP $875) but more than the Ocean Swirl (MSRP $650).  You’ll have to judge for yourself whether or not this one is worth the price.

17 responses

  1. I will most likely be ordering one of these, but from Europe. Will see if Appelboom will give me a good deal after the disastrous wrong price quote on the Herzstück that caused me to cancel my order.


  2. No. I currently own four M8xxx’s, and they are my preferred size. I also have the M120 Green-Black and M101N Grey- Blue. I will be holding out for one thing – the retro style in the M8xxx size. I’m patient.


  3. And colleagues I will pass on the opportunity for I am still enjoying using a recently purchased Pelikan 400NN circa 1956 vintage. 🙂


  4. i already own… and dearly love… three M8xx pens but this one will likely remain on the store shelf for me. It is really pretty but I just don’t need another one that looks so similar to some of the others.. albeit in a different color pallet.


    • I think that once the pen is in the wild and we see some real world photos, it will be easier to determine whether or not to go after this one. These pre-release photos can be so misleading.


  5. I think this is one is a definite must have… And I really don’t need to add yet another M800 to my collection, but….


  6. I will not be getting this pen. I usually know instantly whether I like the pen or not and whether I will go ahead with the purchase. The pen just doesn’t do it for me, which I am kind of glad…until the next release!


    • I admire your restraint. I simply don’t have any and wish that I could be as decisive as you are. Hope the next release is more to your taste then.


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