The M215 was initially released in 2005 as the now hard to find blue barrel with stripes pattern.  This was followed by the rings, lozenges, and orthogons.  These pens are the same size as the M200/400 but are distinguished by their increased weight due to a metal barrel construction.  The M2xx series of pens are generally 0.46 ounces whereas the M215 is 0.74 ounces.  These pens are also distinguished by their rhodium colored trim and inlay on the barrel.  There is only one trim variation as the  model was released after the 1997 restyling.  The M215 pens have a crown cap top, rhodium colored trim, trim ring at the piston knob, and a single cap band.  The nibs of these pens are stainless steel.  There is an ink window just above the section which is rather dark in color compared to other Pelikan’s.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
4.92 in
3.23 in
2.20 in
5.71 in
0.46 in
0.74 oz


Barrel Color

Cap Color

Blue, Stripe Pattern (2005)
Black, Ring Pattern (2006)
Black, Lozenge Pattern (2007)
Black, Orthogon Pattern (2008)
Pelikan M215 Blue Stripes Post-'97 Capped

Blue-Black w/ Stripes

Pelikan M215 Blue Stripes Post-'97 Posted


Pelikan M215 Rings Post-'97 Capped


Pelikan M215 Rings Post-'97 Posted


Pelikan M215 Lozenges Post-'97 Capped


Pelikan M215 Lozenges Post-'97 Posted


Pelikan M215 Orthogons Post-'97 Capped


Pelikan M215 Orthogons Post-'97 Posted