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The Pelikan Hubs events has grown to become one of the most anticipated events of the year within the fountain pen community and for good reason. It has served as an amazing platform for people of all persuasions to gather and share their love for fine writing instruments, inks, and paper. It sounds like a simple enough conceit but for many, this is one of the few opportunities at their disposal with which to share in that fellowship face to face. Pelikan describes a Hub as “A pivot, a focus of activity. For Pelikan fans, a Hub is a place where they can meet, exchange experiences, and network worldwide.” Despite its humble beginnings back in 2014, the event has grown exponentially larger with each passing year. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the Hubs going on a two-year hiatus but that didn’t stop last year’s resurgent gathering from going on to post even greater numbers than in years prior. Registrations were spread across at least 220 different Hubs locations scattered across 47 countries made up of 6,120 registered participants. Pelikan is back at it again with today’s announcement of the 2023 Hubs event, marking the eighth such gathering to be hosted. Their banner, unsurprisingly, features this year’s Edelstein Ink Of The Year, Rose Quartz. The company’s Edelstein inks were a prominent feature in the first seven Hubs events but was conspicuously absent last year. Will it make a triumphant return this year? Also, new for 2023, is a completely revamped registration process with a rather short window to get in on the fun. Read on to learn all of the known details for this year’s event and how you can register for your chance to participate.

This year’s Hubs event will take place on Friday, September 22, 2023, at 6:30pm local time.  The first thing that you might notice right off the bat is that the Hub is returning to its usual September date. Last year’s event was held in November. Pelikan is trying to reach as many fans as they can with the news which means a special Hubs Newsletter, communications via their Instagram and Facebook channels, and via notices on their various websites. Still, some people invariably miss the announcement and the registration window so make sure to spread the word amongst your pen friends. A minimum of seven registered participants remains the threshold required for a Hub to be established. If too few people register for a particular Hub, Pelikan lets you know ahead of time, giving you the opportunity to register for another Hub location nearby (provided there is one). The registration process for this year is brand new and just a little opaque so you will need to pay attention to make sure that you are fully registered.

The initial registration period runs from Tuesday, May 2nd until Monday, May 15th. In that window, anybody who is even remotely interested in participating needs to submit an application which can be found on the Hubs microsite. This is a simple form that only inquires about one’s email address. This then serves as a “save the date” type of application where you’ve officially stated your interest in participating in the event. The process doesn’t end there though, and I fear the second step is where some will get hung up. Starting on Tuesday, May 16th, Pelikan will begin reaching out to all of the people that sent in an RSVP during the initial two-week application period. That email will request the applicant’s contact details, their preferred Hub city, and it will also serve as an opportunity to register to become a Hub Master, the local point of contact for a city’s Hub who is in charge of organizing the venue and keeping the local group informed. Didn’t get an email on the 16th? Don’t panic. That process is to continue until Monday, June 5th according to Pelikan. After that point, Pelikan will have completed the registration process for all attendees and the steps necessary to make preparations for the event will commence. BOTH of the application steps much be completed to be considered registered for the event and I cannot stress that point enough. I’d hate to see people left out over confusion regarding this process so check your spam folders during the registration finalization period if you completed the first application but failed to hear back.

  • STEP 1, May 2 – May 15: RSVP/Save The Date Application – Register online by providing an email address.
  • STEP 2, May 16 – June 5: Final Registration – Reply to Pelikan’s email and provide your contact details, your preferred city, and state whether you desire to be considered for the Hub Master position.

For those that may not be familiar, nominating yourself to be a Hub Master imparts a certain degree of responsibility. Each venue will have one Hub Master chosen by Pelikan based on the applications received. It is the Hub Master’s responsibility to select a location for the event that can suitably accommodate everyone, preferably near the city’s center. Venues come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from pen shops to parks and libraries to restaurants. The only restriction is that Pelikan historically request avoiding places of worship. Challenges in selecting a location will vary from city to city and greatly depend on the number of anticipated attendees for a venue. In addition to selecting the location, the Hub Master will correspond with all of their attendees to keep them abreast of the local event’s details as well as hand out a bit of swag that Pelikan intends to provide each attendee. Examples of Pelikan’s past generosity have included pen holders, cases, note pads, and ink. I know that last year’s absence of Edelstein Apatite was a big disappointment for many. While there is no official word as of yet whether or not Rose Quartz will be provided to attendees, I have it on good authority that Edelstein ink will once again be included in the selection of gifts for Hubs participants. For those who attend, and even for those who cannot, Pelikan encourages the sharing of event photos utilizing the hashtag #Pelikanhubs on your preferred social media site. This is a great way to follow along with the world’s various venues on social media.

Don’t delay in registering and make sure to follow through so that you don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to interact with fellow pen enthusiast who share a passion for fine writing and all of the surrounding accoutrements. Pelikan may facilitate the registration and the swag but it has always been an event organized by the fans for the fans. I would also like to stress that this is not an event exclusive to Pelikan pen owners. All are welcome, even if you don’t own a fountain pen and are just curious as to what it’s all about. Those who do attended are generally guaranteed to find a great variety of writing instruments, inks, and papers from a number of manufacturers, but it really is the experience of gathering in fellowship and sharing our own stories and perspectives that makes the Hubs event so distinctive. While I have no intention of once again picking up the mantle of Hub Master for this year, I cannot wait to attend my local event in September and look forward to seeing what all of the individual Hubs come up with. See you in September!

Pelikan Hubs Microsite (register here)

Pelikan Hubs FAQ

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16 responses

    • Ha! Good eye. No matter how much I proof these things, I’m always amazed at what can slip though. Thanks for catching it. I updated the post.


      • Four decades of legal practice have made me a pretty good proofreader. More importantly, thank you for making us all aware of the deadlines for participating in this year’s Pelikan Hubs.


        • Happy to do so. I always get emails after the fact from people that miss out and I feel bad. Hopefully everyone who wants to participate can get in on it this year.


  1. Josh,
    You are the keystone of the Philadelphia pen HUB. With your consistent efforts, the Philadelphia group is what it is today. Thank you for all you have done, and I will miss your leadership this year.


    • I appreciate your kind words Robert. I’m sure it will be a great event no matter who helms it. The task of finding a suitable venue has just gotten too tedious for me to want to take on. Perhaps someone with better connections in the city will have better luck. Still looking forward to attending.


  2. Nice that you shared this. One might have thought Pelikan could have used last years’ email list, even from a different platform, to let us know…particularly with the short turnaround to sign up.


    • That is a good idea but I’m not sure that they are allowed to use past email lists without someone previously providing explicit permission to do so at the time that the email was provided. I know online privacy laws in the EU are much stricter than here in the USA. I could be wrong though.


    • I see what you mean, having gotten the same message myself. It was working this AM. Hopefully just a glitch. I’d try again tomorrow. Still have time to register and I’m not aware of any caps on registrations.


  3. It appears that there has been a glitch on Pelikan’s sign up page. But it worked for me yesterday.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this year’s Raden Red Infinity, Josh. I’m personally quite conflicted on this year’s Raden release.


    • There was indeed a glitch but Pelikan has since rectified that and the sign up appears to be functioning as expected at the moment. I just launched a post on the Pastel-Blue and a Red Infinity post will follow later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks!


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