News: M205 Petrol-Marbled Special Edition Announced

Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled Fountain PenFor those of you that keep up with Pelikan’s usual cycle of releases, you know that by the end of March in most years, we’ve already had news of two and sometimes up to three new fountain pens.  Sadly, this year, like the one before it, is not like most years.  That unfortunate fact, made evident by the dearth of new releases out of Hannover, is almost certainly attributable to the chaos that the coronavirus pandemic has wrought upon supply chains across the globe.  The drought may be coming to an end however as Atlas Stationers out of Chicago, IL broke news of Pelikan’s next release via their website this evening.  The next pen to market will hail from the company’s Classic line and carry the moniker of M205 Petrol-Marbled.  Petrol is a color scheme that Pelikan has employed with pens from some of their other lines including the Pura, Jazz, and Twist.  Pelikan’s new marbled finish will combine blues and greens in a way that, to me, is reminiscent of the M805 Ocean Swirl from 2017.  Rather than a standard addition to the line-up, this one looks to be a special edition release, intended only as a limited run.  The Petrol-Marbled is reportedly targeted for a mid to late April 2021 ship date.  I would expect most vendors to start taking pre-orders soon.


Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled Fountain Pen

Pelikan has this to say about its new marbled marvel; 

Each and every pen has its own fascination.  It is an unexpected and free flowing genesis of the colorful marbled material.  Flowing one into the other: pearly-shining elements together with bright color pigments create this eye-catching pen.  The petrol-color combines blue and green to enhance a beautiful harmony.  All decoration elements of this series as rings and clip are highly polished and shiny-silver-colored.  

The Petrol-Marbled will sport an un-plated stainless steel nib in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B.  The trim that accompanies the marbled barrel is chromium-plated giving it a silver appearance and consists of a single trim ring at the piston knob and a single cap band.  The crown nut surrounding the cap top will be accented with chromium as well.  The cap top itself will depict the company’s single chick logo done in silver against a black background.  Rounding out the pen’s looks will be a cap, section, and piston knob done in black resin with a blue-green ink window sitting just behind the section.  The M205 measures 4.92 inches long when capped, 5.71 inches when posted, and has a diameter of 0.46 inches.  These won’t tip any scales, weighing in at only 0.49 ounces with a quoted ink capacity of around 1.20mL.  A matching K205 ballpoint pen also looks to accompany this release.

Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled Fountain Pen

M205 Petrol-Marbled

Pelikan K205 Petrol-Marbled Ballpoint

K205 Petrol-Marbled


Today’s news is just breaking therefore the scope of the anticipated pricing is not yet entirely clear.  Provided their web page is accurate, Atlas Stationers indicates a US MSRP of $260 with a retail price of $208.  You might chalk that up to pandemic pricing given the increase from prior releases.  For instance, the M205 Moonstone (2020) retailed in the US at $192 and the M205 Star Ruby (2019) went for $168.  That pricing will certainly put the Petrol-Marbled out of reach for some and might be harder for others to justify when you account for the fact that it only sports a stainless steel nib.  While pricing from the European Union is not yet known, it has historically been a source of better deals for those on more of a budget, particularly for those of us exempt from the VAT.  Obviously, you will have to draw your own conclusions as to the pen’s value.  For those who like the look of blue marble but can’t stomach the Petrol’s pricing, the M205 Blue Marbled released in 2016 can still be had for around $132-152.

I think that the blue and green hues of this M205 work well together and are complimented nicely by the chromium plated furniture.  Of course, I will reserve final judgement until I actually some real world images since Pelikan’s pre-release photos are notorious for not doing justice to their products.  Personally, I can’t wait to see this one up close.  You likely know that I have a soft spot for the Classic line therefore this M205 will certainly be joining my flock.  How about you?  Does the Petrol-Marbled check all the boxes or does it leave you wanting something more?  A larger sized model perhaps or a more competitive price?  Whatever your thoughts, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Pelikan M205 Petrol Marbled Fountain Pen

29 responses

    • This one has serious potential and I certainly think it stands out a bit more than the Moonstone but it is all a matter of personal preference. I do enjoy the variety.


  1. Atlas Stationers is a great brick and mortar store, as well as online seller. I’ve shopped in person when visiting, and online. I wholeheartedly recommend shopping there.

    This might barely touch on your topic, but might help others find this very good seller.

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  2. It’s enough different from my Ocean Swirl that I would get this as an 805 but the 200s are a bit too small for my tastes so I will pass… It sure looks beautiful tho.


    • I think that it definitely distinguishes itself from the M805 well enough. I don’t mind the M2xx size at all but I can definitely see how it would be too small for some.


  3. I don’t need another Pelikan. I am a fan of the M2xx Classic line as it’s a size that fits me well. They write excellently too. But I’ll probably get this one if it looks as good in person as we imagine. And I’ve been wanting a ballpoint as well, so the set may come my way.


  4. It’s nice, and I’m glad that Pelikan is going beyond their recent gray and white colors. But I’m limiting myself these days to only buying pens that really WOW me, like the Tortoiseshell Red. My wallet will be much happier.

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  5. It looks attractive, though I wonder whether there may be darker patches where the pattern is not distributed evenly, as on the Ocean Swirl. Also, does this mean that a 400 or larger will now match the new ink?


    • I agree that we will have to see this one in person but I expect a more even distribution based on the process for creating the marbled effect. I still think the matching pen coming out with the new ink will be M2xx sized which is the same size as the M400, just with a gold plated nib and less embellishment.


  6. If these official photos are anything to go by, the colour looks very appealing. I agree that it is reminiscent of the Ocean Swirl M800 (which passed me by but was notoriously inconsistent in the balance of colours).


  7. Instant classic like the Ocean Swirl, but seems more green-leaning. The OS is decidedly blue biased. Pelikan has a poor track record with heavily photoshopped colors that differ significantly from the real goods, so will have to wait and see. But looks great in these pics.


    • As you point out, you really have to withhold judgement on the colors until seen in person. The pre-release photos can really skew the impression. Usually these things look much better in person.


  8. thank you, Joshua,
    this looks reaaly nice. I haven’t been buying any M200s lately and the blue marbled M205 is still a favourite. Given the preview I believe I cannot miss this one.


  9. I really like it! I have recently bought my first pelikan pen, the golden marbled. So this would be a nice pairing with it, i am already dreaming about which inks i could use with them.. I hope the petrol marbled has that nice shimmering effect as the golden marbled!

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    • Congrats on the Golden Marbled! That’s a great first Pelikan. These birds like to flock so the Petrol Marbled would make a nice counterpoint. I think there will be some pearlessence here but maybe not as shimmery as the Golden Marbled.

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  10. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for the scoop. In the EU, this one looks to be, price-wise, in line with other M2xx models, perhaps a bit more than the expensive . My favorite dealer in Germany has the fountain pen listed for 107€.

    I like the look.


  11. Hey, Joshua – great review of this beautiful new bird. I am also a fan of the M2XX line; the size suits my hand perfectly, and I love the beautifully colored demonstrators and marbleds. I was writing with several of my Pelikans just last night(!) and was wishing for an exciting new color. Can’t believe my wish was granted – in one of my favorite shades of blue! This will be a gorgeous addition to my flock.


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