News: M205 Star Ruby Special Edition Demonstrator

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby Fountain PenIt has been several months since we have had any fresh news of a pending Pelikan release.  Customers continue to await the M1005 Stresemann now long delayed by supply chain issues.  The drought has ended as news of the upcoming M205 Star Ruby Special Edition Demonstrator broke today.  As expected, the company continues their streak of M2xx releases based on their Edelstein Ink of The Year.  The Star Ruby will be the fifth model in that line-up and our first glimpse comes to us courtesy of Appelboom in the Netherlands.  The M205 Star Ruby follows the likes of the M205 Olivine (2018), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and M205 Amethyst (2015).  This year’s M205 appears to be a departure from past releases in that the material has a sparkly, shimmering quality for lack of a better descriptor.  Pre-orders should be available soon as this one is expected to be in stores starting sometime this September.

The Star Ruby M205 demonstrator derives its color from this year’s Edelstein Ink of the Year which can best be described as a burgundy-pink shade.  The ink’s namesake gemstone features a geologic trait known as asterism whereby a sharp six-rayed star shimmers over the surface of the stone when it is moved thanks to needle-like rutile inclusions.  The Star Ruby pens appear to be made from a material that possess a special shimmer effect which serves to give each one a unique look.  This is the first time that I can recall Pelikan using this type of material.  While the available photos give us a general idea as to what to expect, I’m looking forward to seeing some real world pictures with various types of lighting to see the end result of such a design.  Sparkle effect aside, the M205 will otherwise feature Pelikan’s standard trim package.  That includes chromium plated furniture with a printed one chick logo cap top and a chromium plated crown, a single cap band, a single trim ring at the piston knob, and the traditional beak clip.  Unplated stainless steel nibs in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B will be available at the time of purchase.  Obviously a demonstrator is designed to show off the inner workings of a pen as well as the ink reservoir though that can invite some unsightly stains which can be off putting for some.

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby Fountain Pen


Pelikan K205 Star Ruby Ballpoint Pen



The M205 Star Ruby will comprise a limited production run.  There will be a matching K205 ballpoint pen available for purchase in addition to the fountain pen.  Not surprisingly, Pelikan will again be bundling the fountain pen with a bottle of Star Ruby ink in a now familiar special retail packaging.  The full scope of pricing remains unclear but European retailers will likely sell the fountain pen for ~$123, the ballpoint for ~$115, and the fountain pen/ink set for ~$144.  It is likely that pricing in the U.S.A. will be around $150 for the fountain pen alone.  Don’t forget to factor in a small premium should you chose to purchase the fountain pen with an EF nib.  

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby Fountain Pen

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the M205 Star Ruby but would have been happy with a simple burgundy-pink demonstrator.  I’m not yet sure how I feel about the sparkle effect and will be withholding judgement until I have had an opportunity to see this one in real life.  Where do you stand on the new look?  Does the sparkle effect make you more or less likely to add this one to your flock?  Feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Pelikan M205 Star Ruby Fountain Pen & Ink set

M205 Star Ruby fountain pen and ink gift set

22 responses

  1. …as a Christmas tree ornament, maybe, but not a look that otherwise works for me. Maybe when un-lit and un-prettified by Pelikan’s photo-shop, mind you, it’ll turn out to be as dull and muddy as its predecessors. The accompanying inks are all terrific, though, and my affection for the M2xx model remains undiminished.


    • Ha! A similar thought crossed my mind. Also though about the shimmering inks that have been en vogue lately. I’m sure that Pelikan will sell a boat load of these regardless.


  2. I’m so happy to see Pelikan adding some bright color to their lineup. I can’t see the sparkles in these photos, but knowing Pelikan, I bet they’ll be more subtle than the sparkles we might see in some other pens. Regardless, I love sparkles, and I love this color. I’ve already fallen in love with the matching ink, and I can’t wait to add this one to my flock. I’ve already got a Red Demonstrator M200 (thank you Joshua for that eBay referral), and it has gold furniture, so I’m glad that this one, with its chrome trim, will look a little different.


    • The amethyst is a tough find these days. I’m not aware of any available from the usual outlets and the ones on eBay are somewhat unreasonably priced. Hope you’re able to come across one someday.


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