Review: M205 Petrol-Marbled (2021)

Pelikan M205 Petrol Marbled Fountain Pen

The subject of today’s review is the new Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled, a model that has already managed to generate a bit of controversy despite its relatively brief existence. First announced in March of this year, the M205 began shipping to consumers in late April. Right around that time, Pelikan released an apology when it came to light that the pre-release photos did not properly depict the actual product being shipped. The pen was initially shown with a chromium plated cap ring (technically the clipschraube/clip screw or crown cap nut) but, as it turns out, the actual product sports an un-plated, black plastic ring. A minor detail to be sure but one that affects the overall look of the pen in a rather meaningful way. Pelikan passed this off as a simple oversight but not everyone has taken that explanation at face value. Controversy aside, the Petrol-Marbled joins an expanding line of marbled finishes, predominantly found on the company’s Classic line of pens, though this is only the second M205 to flaunt a marbled finish. The first was the M205 Blue Marbled from 2016. Other, more recent entries in that style include the re-introduced M200 Green Marbled (2015), the M200 Brown Marbled (2017), and the M200 Gold Marbled (2019). The marbling of the Petrol’s finish has a dark but lively feel to it and really plays well with the light though there are inconsistencies that will mar the pen for some. It’s also hard to look at the Petrol-Marbled and not be reminded of 2017’s M805 Ocean Swirl which sports a similar color scheme, all-be-it, in a different pattern. The M205 Petrol-Marbled may well have enough going for it in the looks department to be able to rise above any small controversy over some trim. Read on to learn if it might be a good fit for you or if this is one you should sit out for the time being.

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News: Some Housekeeping Out Of Hannover

Pelikan logoIt can be quite frustrating when you finally decide upon buying a certain pen only to find that it is not just out of stock with your preferred vendor but others as well.   Such has been the case for perhaps the last six months for those in the market for a new Pelikan M800 or M1000 for instance.  Vendors have consistently been frustrated by estimated delivery schedules that seem to be constantly pushed back.  That’s not to say that some models aren’t making it out into circulation.  Special editions such as the M600 Tortoiseshell-Red and the M205 Petrol-Marbled have found their way into retail channels and consumer’s hands.  As I first reported in August of last year when discussing COVID-19’s impact on Pelikan’s operations, the global supply chain continues to feel the ramifications brought about by the coronavirus pandemic which is still infecting people across the globe.  This has hindered Pelikan from receiving certain materials necessary for their manufacturing in a timely manner while also disrupting the company’s ability to deliver its finished goods to their distribution partners effectively.  Last year, Pelikan’s Global Marketing Manager for Fine Writing Instruments, Jens Meyer, was optimistic that most issues would be hammered out by the fourth quarter of 2020.   In saying that, he also conceded that, for some select products, it might take a little bit longer to end the backlog, particularly with Pelikan’s standard assortment.  Since that backlog has now persisted through the first quarter of 2021, I reached back out to see where the company stood.  Read on to see just how he responded to that line of questioning.

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News: M205 Petrol-Marbled Special Edition Announced

Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled Fountain PenFor those of you that keep up with Pelikan’s usual cycle of releases, you know that by the end of March in most years, we’ve already had news of two and sometimes up to three new fountain pens.  Sadly, this year, like the one before it, is not like most years.  That unfortunate fact, made evident by the dearth of new releases out of Hannover, is almost certainly attributable to the chaos that the coronavirus pandemic has wrought upon supply chains across the globe.  The drought may be coming to an end however as Atlas Stationers out of Chicago, IL broke news of Pelikan’s next release via their website this evening.  The next pen to market will hail from the company’s Classic line and carry the moniker of M205 Petrol-Marbled.  Petrol is a color scheme that Pelikan has employed with pens from some of their other lines including the Pura, Jazz, and Twist.  Pelikan’s new marbled finish will combine blues and greens in a way that, to me, is reminiscent of the M805 Ocean Swirl from 2017.  Rather than a standard addition to the line-up, this one looks to be a special edition release, intended only as a limited run.  The Petrol-Marbled is reportedly targeted for a mid to late April 2021 ship date.  I would expect most vendors to start taking pre-orders soon.

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Review: M205 Moonstone (2020)

Pelikan M205 Moonstone Fountain PenAs the year meanders towards its close, I thought it a good time to look back on some of Pelikan’s releases this year.  First up will be the M205 Moonstone fountain pen that accompanied 2020’s Edelstein Ink of the Year of the same name.  It was 2019’s M205 Star Ruby acting as a pathfinder with sparkles adorning its finish that set the stage for the Moonstone.  It represented a departure from Pelikan’s typically reserved German sensibilities and the gamble seems to have paid off as the Star Ruby was generally well received.  I think a large part of that owes to striking just the right balance as the sparkles never came off as overblown and I think that the Moonstone also hits its mark in a similar fashion.  It seems hard to believe but this year’s M205 now counts as the sixth consecutive pen to accompany the annual Edelstein Ink of the Year release.  Prior models have included the M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Olivine (2018), and M205 Star Ruby (2019).  All of those models have been demonstrators, the overwhelming majority of which have had silver colored, chromium plated furniture (all except 2017’s Smoky Quartz).  The sparkles are again fitting here because just as they paid homage to the asterism of the star ruby gemstone, they do equal justice with the true moonstone’s adularescence.  What is that you may ask?  The actual gemstone of its namesake displays a blue to white adularescence, a phenomenon where light appears to billow across the surface giving the stone a moonlight-like sheen.  Read on to find out whether or not Pelikan’s reach for the stars hits the mark or falls flat.

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Contest: WIN a Pelikan M205 Moonstone Fountain Pen & Ink Set

Pelikan M2xx Amethyst, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Olivine, Star Ruby, and MoonstoneSeptember 1st is always a day of reflection for me since it heralds the anniversary of The Pelikan’s Perch going live.  That’s right, The Perch turns six today!  I always like to take this time to look back and see where the blog has been and try to visualize where it’s going.  The last year has seen incredible challenges to our way of life.  Hyper-partisan politics, economic devastation, a spotlight on racial inequality, weather extremes of biblical proportions, and the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic seemingly leave little to celebrate.  These real world concerns have adversely impacted every facet of daily life including this blog, limiting my ability to bring you the same volume of content that I have in years past.  Still, while lacking in quantity I hope that I have made up for that with quality.  In addition to my family, the blog has been my refuge, helping to keep me sane amid the turmoil and uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus.  The engagement with the pen community that the blog has afforded me has allowed me to retain faith that we may indeed overcome these hardships.  I thank you all for that and hope that you will continue to keep up your engagement with the site, either via email or the comments feature.  To those who have been content to spectate, that is fine too, but I encourage you to join the conversation.  My personal goals for the site have not changed and I will continue to endeavor to expand the Pelikan knowledge base for as long as I’m able.  The Perch remains a labor of love.  As such, I will continue to forbid advertising, refuse solicitation, and not accept gifted products of any type for review.  This allows me to bring you a clean viewing experience and allows me to remain free of bias.  The integrity of the site is of utmost importance to me.  The one downside to this approach is that it limits me from being able to host very many giveaways.  My prior two contests were in honor of The Perch’s birthday and I’m thrilled to be in a position to bring you The Perch’s third annual anniversary giveaway.  As a thank you from me to this amazing community of pen lovers, I am offering up a 2020 Pelikan M205 Moonstone Demonstrator fountain pen and ink gift set.  I’m only able to do so thanks to the consideration afforded to me by the world class crew at Fritz Schimpf.  Read on to learn how you might enter for a chance to win.

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News: M205 Moonstone Special Edition Demonstrator

Pelikan M205 MoonstonePelikan’s schedule of new releases has been unavoidably altered for 2020 due to the global issues affecting us all today.  One of the most highly anticipated models expected this year has been a fountain pen inspired by the Edelstein Ink of the Year, Moonstone.  I’m happy to report that the wait is now over as Bookbinders, a stationary shop out of Australia, has given us our first glimpse of the M205 Moonstone Special Edition Demonstrator.  The latest special edition to join the Classic series continues the tradition that began with the M205 Amethyst (2015) and now marks the sixth release to be based on their Edelstein line of inks.   The M205 Moonstone joins ranks with the M205 Star Ruby (2019), M205 Olivine (2018), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), M205 Aquamarine (2016), and the M205 Amethyst (2015).  Last year’s Star Ruby broke the mold by employing a material with a sparkly, shimmering character.  The Moonstone looks to continue this trend by utilizing the same sparkling material encased within a dark gray translucent medium.  Pre-orders should be available from most vendors by September 1st with this one expected to hit store shelves sometime in early October.

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Review: M205 Star Ruby (2019)

Pelikan M205 Star RubyPelikan’s recently released M205 Star Ruby fountain pen is a trail blazer worthy of review.  It is not the form factor or the nib that stands out nor is it the filling system.  All of those bits faithfully follow the company’s time tested formula that Pelikan fans and longtime readers of this blog are accustomed to.  What really shines here is, well, the shine.  The M205 Star Ruby has a sparkle to its finish, the likes of which we have not seen before.  As Dorothy Gale says in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” (you couldn’t expect me to review a sparkly ruby colored pen without at least one Wizard of Oz quote).  That is perhaps due in large part to typically reserved German sensibilities.  When you think of pens that sparkle, Japanese and Chinese brands such as Sailor and Jinhao are more likely to spring to the forefront of your mind than anything out of Germany.   The Star Ruby marks the fifth consecutive time that Pelikan has released a matching pen for the Edelstein Ink of the Year collection.  This year’s iteration joins the likes of the M205 Amethyst (2015), M205 Aquamarine (2016), M200 Smoky Quartz (2017), and M205 Olivine (2018).  While each of those pens have a deep, rich color that compliments their namesake nicely, none have had occasion to sparkle.  Perhaps Pelikan wanted to honor the asterism of its namesake.  For those that don’t know, star rubies are a special class of gemstone that display a sharp, shimmering six-rayed star on their surface.  True to form, however, nothing feels gratuitous here.  The coloring of the pen is a deep burgundy and the sparkles are hardly overblown as some had feared.  This may be one of the best looking models of the quintet but certainly won’t appeal to everyone.  Read on to find out whether or not this is one you should consider adding to your flock.

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Contest: WIN a Pelikan M205 Star Ruby Fountain Pen & Ink Set

The Pelikan's Perch GiveawayToday marks the fifth anniversary of The Pelikan’s Perch going live.  The last five years have been an incredible experience for me.  When I originally started on this path, I never expected that it would lead me to so many engaged and wonderful people.  I have thoroughly enjoyed researching each post and continually strive to build upon the existing foundation of Pelikan knowledge.  For me, it is truly a labor of love and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  While much has changed in the world over the past five years, the mission of The Perch has not and I hope to continue to share my knowledge and perspective with you for many years to come.  The Perch does not accept solicitation nor is it gifted products for review.  In doing so, I have tried to remain free of bias so that I might bring you the most critical and honest reviews possible.  That is why you don’t see too many giveaways on the site.  One year ago was my first attempt at a contest where I gave away a new Pelikan P16 Stola III fountain pen.  That giveaway was well received, so much so that I would like to repeat it in honor of The Perch’s fifth birthday and as a thank you to the community.  For my second contest ever, I spent a lot of time pondering over just what might be a worthwhile prize.  Thanks to the good people at Fritz Schimpf, I have been afforded the opportunity to give away a Pelikan 2019 Star Ruby M205 Demonstrator fountain pen and ink gift set, a pen certain to be on the wish list of many.  Read on to learn how you might enter for a chance to win.

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