News: M1000 Raden Green Ray

Pelikan M1000 Raden Green RayAfter a hiatus of nearly two months, we again have fresh news about the next release out of Hannover.  March looks to be a big month for Pelikan with the previously announced M200 Pastel Green and the Edelstein IOTY Moonstone already due.  Those releases will now be joined by a new Souverän, the M1000 Raden Green Ray.  The last Raden model to be released was the M805 Raden Royal Platinum back in 2018.  The M1000 line hasn’t seen a pen in this style since 2016’s Raden Sunrise.  To make a pen with this traditional Japanese technique, a special Japanese Urushi lacquer is first applied to the barrel and cap.  The stripes are then constructed with particles of Australian abalone.  For the Green Ray, these colorful pieces of pearlescent shell appear to reflect hues of green, blue, and purple.  Finally, another layer of lacquer is applied to seal everything in place.  The artist then hand numbers and signs each piece in the Maki-e technique.  Other notable past Raden releases built off of the M1xxx chassis are the Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), Starlight (2014), and Sunrise (2016).  This will be a limited edition of just 400 pieces worldwide and is due out in March 2020.

The Raden Green Ray will feature the typical 24 carat gold plated furniture of every M1000 Souverän.  That includes two trim rings at the piston knob and a single trim ring at the section.  The cap incorporates two cap bands, a beak clip, and a cap top featuring Pelikan’s single chick logo plated in gold.  The piston knob and section are made of black resin and there is a dark green ink view window just behind the section threads.  Every Green Ray will come equipped with a two-tone 18C-750 gold nib in a medium width though any M1xxx nib will fit this model.  Like all of the Maki-e and Raden releases, this one will come in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood.

Pelikan M1000 Raden Green Ray

As this news is just breaking, there is currently no word about pricing, either abroad or domestically.  By virtue of being built off the company’s flagship pen chassis, the limited nature of the production run, and the detailed craftsmanship that goes into each piece, I would anticipate a retail price of several thousand dollars.  For a frame of reference, four years ago, the Raden Sunrise had a U.S. MSRP of $2,500 and retailed in the neighborhood of $2,000 so you can expect the Green Ray to punch at least that high if not higher.

Pelikan M1000 Raden Green Ray


I find this piece intriguing and I think that it is the width of the stripes that catches my eye the most.  The other Raden models that we’ve seen to date have had much narrower stripes applied whereas these appear to be at least double the standard width.  You can check out some of those other models for comparison here.  Of course, that may be off putting for some who prefer the more traditional design.  I also like the color palette selected and the hand crafted nature will ensure that no two are exactly alike.  Looks and price aside, the M1000 is a larger, heavier pen which can be a bit unwieldy for some.  What are your thoughts on the M1000 Raden Green Ray?  If money weren’t a factor, would this one be joining your flock?

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  1. Thank you for previewing this unique Pelikan. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a Raden in real life, certainly I’ve never held one. So I’ll enjoy your excellent commentary and perhaps we’ll be so fortunate to see a review of the Raden Green Ray from your collection should you be able to obtain one.

    Now to answer your question: if money was no object? Well yes, I like the look of the pen and would enjoy having one. Spectacular stuff.


    • They are a treat to behold, particularly in good lighting. The abalone shell can given the pen a lot of color and personality. I own 3 Raden pens and each is special.


  2. Thanks for giving us a preview of this new pen. It is absolutely beautiful! If money were no object, I’d try to be first in line to purchase one. Wow!


  3. Thanks for this Joshua, a much appreciated article. If money were no object, then probably yes, but I’d prefer a burgundy red, or a brown with golden highlights; so–as I hear my bank manager heave a sigh of relief–this one’s a pass.

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  4. This is probably the best looking Pelikan to my eyes that has come in the past 10 years or so, and I love a lot of them. If I can muster the funds, maybe sell off a few less loved pieces and other collectibles, this bird will be joining my flock as soon as possible! Thanks for sharing the news Joshua!


  5. Hi Joshua,
    Thanks for this review, if the pen in the hand is anything like the photos it will be too good to miss. I have. UK retail price now – £2950! Do you still think it’s worth buying?


    • That is a bit pricey. 2,950 GBP is roughly $3,849.46. I do not think that it is a good buy at that price. Regionally, I have seen 220,000 JPY (~$2,088.97) and 1,932.77 Euro (~$2,181.42) quoted. Those prices to me seem more in line with what to expect at retail with this one. I would hold out until you can get something more along those lines.


      • Many thanks for this sound advice. In fact there has been a development. I’ve been chasing the price – several UK retailers have quoted the full price, only one offering a small discount of 10%. However, turning to one of my long standing European suppliers, I’ve secured a pen for €2000.


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