Originally released in 1998, the M300 fills a unique niche in the Pelikan line-up.  They are the youngest and the smallest of the Souverän line by a fair margin.  Even the M1xx of the Classic series, a smaller pen in its own right, dwarfs the M300.  Since they were released after 1997, there is only one trim style to be found.  There are two variants in the M300 line, both originally released in 1998; green striped and solid black.  These pens have a black piston knob, section, and cap.  There are two cap bands, a trim ring at the section, and two trim rings at the piston knob.  The furniture is gold-plated.  The cap top has a painted two chick logo from 1998-2003, a painted one chick logo from 2003-2010, and a 24K plated one chick logo cap top from 2010 to present.  The nib depicts the Pelikan logo and is a two-tone 14C-585 gold.  The nib is user removable like the other Souveräns but, due to its small size the M3xx nib does not swap between other models.   The barrel exhibits transparency on the striated model to allow the ink level to be viewed while there is an ink window to accomplish this on the black model.  Total ink capacity is 0.65ml.


Total Length
Barrel Length
Cap Length
Posted Length
4.33 in
2.68 in
1.93 in
5.12 in
0.39 in
0.37 oz 

Barrel Color

Cap Color

Green Striped (1998)
Black (1998)


Pelikan M300 Green Striped Posted

Green Striated

Pelikan M300 Black Posted