News: M815 Metal Striped Special Edition

Pelikan M815 Metal StripedNews of two new Pelikan fountain pens in one day can only mean trouble for your wallet or purse.  Following closely on the heels of this year’s Maki-e release, the Peacock, we also learn of the next model to come out of Hannover courtesy of Penworld.  This one is known as the M815 Metal Striped special edition.  The last pen to utilize the M815 nomenclature was the Wall Street limited edition from 1995.  Refreshingly, this years model brings something new to the table while still preserving a comfortable familiarity.  The M815 is adorned with metal stripes reminiscent of the well established Stresemann pattern.  I’d wager that this is one of those releases that we had all hoped for from the company, something commensurate with their 180th anniversary.

Pelikan M815 Metal Striped

The new M815 strikes a nice balance between innovation and familiarity.  The barrel is decorated with alternating rows of palladium plated brass stripes conjuring up a familiar appearance derived from new materials.  The brass stripes also serve to add some additional heft to the pen though there is no word on the actual weight at this time.  Like the stripes, the furniture of the pen is palladium plated throughout.  This includes a plated crown cap top, two cap bands, two trim rings at the piston knob, and a single trim ring at the section.  The traditional beak clip is also present on the cap.  There is a dark gray ink view window behind the section and the nib is done in a completely rhodium plated 18C-750 monotone gold.  The pen itself will be shipped in a specially designed gift box that reflects the striped design (as of yet unseen).

Pelikan M815 Metal Striped

M815 Metal Striped (2018)

Pelikan M805 Stresemann

M805 Stresemann (2015)


There is no word yet as to what domestic pricing may be.  Penworld has listed a price of €630.17 (~$751.83) excluding VAT and €762.50 (~$909.71) including VAT.  Not surprisingly, that would put the M815 at a higher price point than other M8xx models.  Available nib sizes will include the standard EF, F, M, and B.  The M815’s release is slated for June of 2018.

I really like the look of the new M815 and am intrigued by the metal stripes.  This will clearly be a pen for those who like a heftier, larger model.  I do worry that the appearance is a bit too similar to the prior M405 and M805 (as well as the rumored upcoming M10xx) Stresemann releases.  That said, I think the ink view window and more contrasty appearance will set it apart from the Anthracite Stresemann.  This one will definitely be joining my flock.  How about you?  Too much of the same or a refreshing take on an old theme?


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    • They are definitely flirting with that opinion. Would be nice to see a little more color amongst this years releases. Has been pretty monotone thus far, the Peacock not withstanding.


    • I think an M1000 in this type of style might come in a tad too hefty for comfort but that would be hard to say. I agree that first impression also has me liking it a bit more than the Stresemann. Of course, we will have to withhold judgement until some real world pics become available.

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  1. I like it quite a bit. It’s sharper than the Stresemann. I will have to add to my collection, even though it’s not totally rocking my world (but, I’m an addict, what can I say?). A little more color, a little more innovation, would be nice from Pelikan. They can do these things and still maintain their elegance and their tradition. My favorite of the under-$1000 newer releases is the white M605.

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    • I agree with all of the sentiments that you’ve expressed. I’m still hopeful for a splash of color later this year. Something in a shade of orange…


    • This year kind feels like a lot of monochromatic releases. Between the anniversary pen, the M815, and the M1000 Stresemann, just seems like they could have spaced the releases out better. Overall a little drab feeling.


  2. Joshua, I’m really enjoying your website and posts. Thanks for doing it. A good friend turned me onto fountain pens a few years back. Stumbling across your website, you persuaded me to hone in on Pelikan. I haven’t taken advantage of all of the wealth of information here yet, but hope to in the days and years to come. Nevertheless, it’s still been extremely helpful and fun. I’ve reserved a 12 pen pen tray for current and future Pelikans. I’ll be passing on the Peacock type pens due to the price range, but am enjoying a couple of M800/805’s so far. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!

    Regarding this post, I now have a decision to make on whether to go with the Stresemann or this new one. I think I like this color contrast a bit more, but I actually prefer the pens without the ink window like the Stresemann, I think. I may be in the minority there as I’ve seen several comments on the web complaining about Pelikan’s pens without ink windows. Thanks for that side by side photo!


    • I appreciate the kind words Scott. The Perch is a labor of love for me and I’m glad that it is appreciated. I would recommend that you go with the M815 because when it’s gone, it’s gone. The Stresemann should be hanging around for a bit and you can always pick that one up later should you still desire.


    • I’m with Scott as to the appearance of the ink window. Although an ink window is a nice convenience, if I am judging solely on looks here (and I am), I like the look of the Stresemann without the ink window. I don’t know (since I don’t have one yet) whether the Stresemann’s stripes are translucent so that you can see whether it needs ink or not. To me, that’s not a deal breaker in any Pelikan. I love my Pink M600, and it’s not translucent, so I never really know how full the pen is. Doesn’t seem to be a problem, though, since I’m never really too far from an ink bottle at any given time. I can usually tell when it’s getting close to needing a refill, just by the way it feels on the paper.

      I really like the Metal Striped M815, though. It’s a beautiful take on a classic. However, given its large size and heft, I won’t be adding one to my flock (small hands). I do have designs on a Stresemann M405 or M605, though. I can visualize one of those coming home to roost sometime in the next year or so.


      • Good point Debi on the translucent material. I don’t know if the Stresemann has that or not, but I do like that in the Blue/Black stripe Pelikan I have.


      • I’m a fan of the ink windows personally. I like the way they break up the barrel from the section. The Stresemann does allow for viewing the ink level. No word on an M605 Stresemann but I would anticipate this materializing in the next year or two given that we’ve seen the Stresemann applied to almost every other Souverän line.


  3. Yup, at first blush it does look a lot like the M805 Stresemann that I just bought at the Factory Store. (That’s not a bad thing!) But I’m reserving judgment until I see it in person. I suspect the metal bands are stunning. The discrete ink-view window is a fun touch.


  4. When visiting the Pelikan Factory, they told me that the Ductus has the stripes to be a modern interpretation of the Souveran’s traditional stripes.

    I was always impressed by the write up that the brass cap was routered and filled with palladium before being lacquered to give a smooth finish on top of the recessed lines. Alas, it did not sell well and was discontinued so it’s nice to see this release to build on that.


    • The Ductus had its flaws but was well built. The M815 actually reminded me of the M215 line. I can’t wait to get one of these in hand and see the stripes fro myself.


    • Maybe… That’s the word on the street. Vendors were approached to place orders earlier this year. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see this one later on this year. No idea when though.

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