Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red Coming Soon!

M101N Tortoiseshell Red

M101N Tortoiseshell Red

Pelikan will soon release the third pen in their series of modern 101N’s.  The first 101N was released in 1937 and this series pays homage to that lineage in a somewhat more modern and updated design though still retaining the original’s dimensions.  This pen is the M101N Tortoiseshell Red and it is slated for release in September of 2014.  This model follow’s the very well received Tortoiseshell Brown (2011) and the Lizard (2012).  Previous releases have had an MSRP of $550.  Pre-orders are currently being offered throughout the web ranging from $480 to $520.  This is a limited run so when they are gone, they are gone.  Given the absolute stunning appearance of this pen, I wouldn’t expect them to last long.  Don’t regret missing out and grab one while you can.  Here is what Pelikan has to say on their product page;

“Following the successful models M101N tortoiseshell brown and M101N lizard, Pelikan launches the third variation in the historical series: The M101N tortoiseshell red. This model comes with an attractive gift box & one bottle of 4001 royal blue ink. Both feature a special historic motif, which makes the set a beautiful gift for every lover of the Pelikan brand.

The barrel is made of the typical Pelikan cellulose acetate in a very unique pattern. Connoisseurs know that the production of this decorative core of the fountain pen is extremely work-intensive. The dark-red parts are made of high-quality resin that polishes itself time and again during use. You can choose the 14 carat gold nib in four sizes: EF, F, M, and B.

This gift set will only be available in a limited quantity, starting September 2014, so make sure you secure your piece before it’s sold out …”

Vintage 101N Brochure

Vintage 101N Brochure

7 responses

  1. Pelikan is my favorite. Outstanding writers. Mine are the most reliable pens I own. They have made some very beautiful pens over the years. However, this one does not have the appeal others do. I know it’s a great performer but aesthetically I am disappointed with this model.


    • One of the great things about Pelikan, one of the things that inspired me to build this site is the variety available within the different models. Even if one style doesn’t appeal, there are so many other options, almost all of which are wonderful writers.


  2. I own 2 Pelikan M 101 N a Tortoisehell Red and a Lizard, both of them write extremely perfect, even knowing that this fountain pen is a little bot smaller than a regular M400. I like your site, I also ordered the new editions M 205 Amethyst and the M 800 Burnt Orange. Every Pelikan pen is a gift you will be surprised in a positive way.


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