Welcome to The Pelikan’s Perch

Hello and welcome to The Pelikan’s Perch!  I’m very excited to greet you to what has been a project that I have wanted to get off of the ground for some time.  This post is the first of what I hope will be many more to come.  I created this site to share my insight, knowledge, and Pelikan fountain pen collection with my fellow fountain pen and Pelikan enthusiast but also to help out those who may be newer to this obsession hobby.  My desire to create this site was born out of frustration over the scattered and difficult to access nature of information related to the Pelikan brand and their pens.  Please check out my About page in order to get a better sense of who I am and what my goals and ambitions for this site are.  I hope you find The Pelikan’s Perch intuitive, informative, and a resource worth coming back to.  I have many ideas and a clear direction in mind for this site which I think will make for a fun journey if you stick with it.  I look forward to engaging in an open dialog and welcome any ideas that you may have for future post and also for further site refinement.  Features will be added as time goes on and I hope to engage some guest authors once the site is more established.  Follow me so as not to miss an update.

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