News: M200 Pastel-Blue Special Edition

I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting for the day to come when Pelikan announces the release of an M200 Rose Quartz Special Edition but I’m here to tell you that today is not that day. Looking back on historic trends, that announcement doesn’t usually come until August, and it has even been as late as October so you will have to be patient a while longer. That doesn’t mean you have to go away empty handed. Pelikan took to their social media channels today in order to announce the newest pen off the factory floor, the M200 Pastel-Blue Special Edition. If this newest addition to the Classic line is giving you that old familiar feeling, that might be because it bears a striking resemblance to the M200 Pastel-Green (2020) from three years ago as well as the M200 Gold-Marbled (2019). Sparingly used in the past on only a handful of models, Pelikan has really embraced white resin over the last decade. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least ten different models that have used that material in recent years, more than all of the prior decades combined. This new M200 is slated for a mid-June launch and retailers should be taking pre-orders anytime now. Read on to find out what you can expect from Pelikan’s newest fountain pen.

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News: M200 Pastel-Green

Pelikan M200 Pastel-GreenWith the year winding to a close, you could certainly be excused if you thought that Pelikan was done with new product announcements.  It may come as a surprise than to learn that we have not one but two new products to talk about today courtesy of the well-respected German retailer Fritz Schimpf.  First up is a new M200 model set to debut in 2020, the Pastel-Green.  Pelikan must have had a lot of white resin left over after their run of the Gold-Marbled because we see it again utilized here.  It’s nice to see the company shift some of their attention away from the higher end Souverän range and focus more on their entry level Classic series.  I also like the fact that the company seems to be experimenting with more unique materials and stepping out of their comfort zone.  In this instance, we have a resin barrel with a marbled pattern of pastel green.  White resin accents set off the light green, flanking the barrel just like what we saw with the recently released Gold-Marbled.  This one is anticipated to be available at retail outlets sometime in mid-February 2020 and I would expect that vendors will start taking pre-orders soon.

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News: M200 Gold Marbled

Pelikan M200 Gold MarbledPelikan brought something new to the table with the finish of the M205 Star Ruby.  If you expected the company to retreat to the confines of the safe and predictable following that release, think again.  Thanks to Appelboom, we get our first official glimpse of the newest addition to Pelikan’s Classic line, the M200 Gold Marbled fountain pen.  Intended as an elegant yet more affordable alternative to the Souverän range, it would be understandable if you mistook this Classic model for one of the company’s more upmarket offerings.  The resin of the barrel displays various shades of gold imbued with what the company calls a “mother of pearl” effect designed to create a sense of warmth and soft color.  White resin accents are employed to compliment the golden hued barrel, the likes of which we’ve never before seen in the 34 year history of the Classic line (the M205 White notwithstanding).  This one is anticipated to hit store shelves sometime in mid-November with vendors likely to start taking pre-orders soon. The M2xx models are known as dependable writers that incorporate Pelikan’s legendary piston filling mechanism and the marbled finish has been a part of the Classic series for decades.  Recent iterations have included the M200 Green (2015), M205 Blue (2016), and M200 Brown (2017) Marbled variants.  If the sparkles of the Star Ruby weren’t to your liking, read on to see if the Gold Marbled has the Midas touch.

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News: M200 Brown Marbled

Pelikan M200 Brown MarbledA few international vendors such as Germany’s Fritz Schimpf and Italy’s Casa della Stilografica gave us notice today of a new M200 soon to be added to Pelikan’s Classic line-up.  Dubbed the M200 Brown Marbled, this new model is intended as a standard addition to the line-up rather than a special edition piece.  This news comes just as the M605 White-Transparent is starting to ship and ahead of the M805 Ocean Swirl’s release.  The upcoming M200’s availability is slated for late November.  Like the Green and Blue Marbled variants available today, the barrel of the Brown Marbled will have a pearlescent appearance allowing the varying shades of brown to really shine in the light.  The Classic line is Pelikan’s lower tier offering that is intended as a more affordable yet still elegant alternative to the higher end Souverän range.  These models are only lacking in a little polish and some extra furniture but do not skimp on the writing experience.  One thing that is shared between the lines is Pelikan’s excellent piston filling mechanism.  The Classic line was last updated just a few months ago with the release of the M200 Smoky Quartz.

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