Pelikan Maki-e Unique Collection Auction 2014

Maki-e 2014 Auction BannerIn 2012, Pelikan hosted a special auction in which 11 pens done in the Maki-e style were sold.  These were unique pieces, never to be reproduced.  The final sale prices ranged anywhere from $4400 to $19,000 plus.  While these prices are out of the price range for most of us, it is still fun to look at these beautiful pieces (and perhaps dream of hitting the lottery).  Two years later, Pelikan is again hosting a special auction, this time with 17 pieces up for sale, again done in the Maki-e style by renowned artist from Japan.

According to Pelikan, these pens will be available for purchase in successive auctions held at one-week intervals during November.  For those that don’t know, “Maki-e is a complex Japanese lacquer painting technique, which requires a great deal of patience and skill. The artist applies lacquer as well as gold and silver particles in multiple layers, which are repeatedly polished, giving a 3D effect. Only a few artists in the world have mastered the technique of Maki-e painting; it takes years to learn.”

These pens are designed off of either the M800 or M1000 models and starting prices are promised to range from $1,267 to $23,315.  The pens feature medium 18C – 750 gold nibs and 24 karat gold furniture (though some have rhodium trim).  Each pen will come with a certificate and unique packaging.

The pens up for auction are depicted below with links to pages detailing their individual stats.  My personal two favorites of this series are Lines of Fire and Seikaiha.  Don’t forget to check out the link at the end of this post for more information and the link to sign up directly from Pelikan.

  1. Lines of Firelines-of-fire-normal

  2. Seikaihaseikaiha-normal

  3. Milky Waymilky-way-normal

  4. Blue Mount Fujiblue-mount-fuji-normal

  5. Crane & Turtlecrane-and-turtle-normal

  6. Ichimatsuichimatsu-normal

  7. Feathersfeathers-normal

  8. Playing Catsplaying-cats-normal

  9. The Beauty of Naturethe-beauty-of-nature-normal

  10. Paper Cranespaper-cranes-normal

  11. Ivyivy-normal

  12. Sunsetsunset-normal

  13. Wealth Violetwealth-violet-normal

  14. Health Greenhealth-green-normal

  15. Wealth Goldwealth-gold-normal

  16. Health Goldhealth-gold-normal

  17. Sharakku & Utamarosharakku-and-utamaro-normal

More information and a link to register can be found at


4 responses

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  2. Those are amazing… would anyone put ink in them? I think I’d be afraid to….. not that I really need to worry about that personally….pretty sure my wife loves me but that could change if I went out and bought a $20k pen.


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