Pelikan Nord/LB Limited Edition (1995)

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain PenIn my review of this year’s Stone Garden M800, I included a picture of the Nord/LB limited edition which generated a few inquiries.  Given the history behind the Nord/LB and its somewhat obscure nature, I thought that the topic would be ripe for a post of its own.  First off, this limited edition was designed at the request of the Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale.  Somewhat unique to Germany, the Landesbanken are a group of state-owned banks that are regionally organized and predominantly focused on wholesale banking.  Abbreviated Nord/LB, this North German bank was at one time counted amongst the top 10 banks in Germany and the top 100 banks in the world.  As of 2016, the company’s total income was $2.3 billion with total assets of approximately $205 billion.  It is a public corporation owned by the federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt with headquarters in Hannover.  Originally established in 1765 as the Braunschweigische Staatsbank, it began operating under its current name on July 1, 1970 following the merger of four predecessors.  Nord/LB specializes in investment banking, agricultural and real estate banking, corporate finance, ship and aircraft financing, and private banking.  In 1995, the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding.  To mark the occasion, the firm’s board contracted with Pelikan in order to provide each of its employees at the time with a Limited Edition Souverän M800 fountain pen.  The pen in question was never made available for purchase to the general public but several examples have entered into the collector’s space over the past 23 years.

Landesbanken in Germany as of November 2017

Landesbanken in Germany as of November 2017


The administration building of Nord/LB in Hannover, Germany. Photograph by Roel Hemkes on 3/5/2013

The administration building of Nord/LB in Hannover, Germany


The Nord/LB M800 Limited Edition fountain pen was done in a solid dark blue color to emulate the company’s color scheme.  This particular shade of blue is quite dark and could easily be mistaken for black in poor lighting.  It is perhaps one of the darkest blues to grace an M8xx pen.  This model exemplifies the pre-1997 styling which included gold colored medallions on both the cap top and piston knob, the former sporting Pelikan’s two chick logo which was in use at the time.   The remainder of the trim is not too dissimilar from what we have today and is characterized by two cap bands, two trim rings at the piston knob, and a single trim ring on the section.  The standard pelican beak clip is present and all of the furniture is gold-plated.  The cap band of this limited edition is engraved “25 Jahre Nord LB – Germany -” or “25 Jahre Nord LB/LBS – Germany -.”  The German word “Jahre” means “Years.”  The nib for this model was a two toned 14C-585 gold originally in a medium width.  It is reported that a total of 6,920 pens were produced, one for each member of the company at the time of their 25th anniversary.  Of that lot, 5,920 pieces were inscribed ‘Nord/LB’ on the cap band (see the first photo of this post) with the remaining 1,000 carrying the inscription ‘Nord LB/LBS,’ the latter destined for employees of Landesbausparkasse, a division responsible for real estate financing.  Interestingly, there is a discrepancy found in the second edition of Pelikan Schreibgeräte which relates that it was 5,500 pens made for Nord/LB and 1,450 for Nord LB/LBS, figures that stand contrary to other reporting and do not quite add up to what Norddeutsche Landesbank themselves reported.

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Logos for Nord LB and LBS

The logos for Nord LB (above) and LBS (below).  Note how the dark blue colors of the Nord/LB logo match the M800 pen of the same name almost exactly


The Nord/LB M800 came packaged in a special gift box which included the pen and a bottle of ink.  The box itself was rather small (measuring 6 inches in its largest dimension) and square with a hinge on the back side.  It was all white with “25 JAHRE NORD/LB – DENKEN IN NEUEN DIMENSIONEN” written on the top which roughly translates to “25 years Nord/LB – Think in new dimensions.”  Nord/LB is also found written more simply on the front of the box.  The packaging is otherwise without additional markings.  When opened, there is a place for the pen to rest and a 5omL bottle of Pelikan’s 4001 Royal Blue ink, the type of bottle which included a built-in pen stand.  The cap of the ink bottle had a special sticker that again reflected the branding on the box.  It has been suggested that many of the boxes may have been destroyed making boxed pens harder to find.  

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Gift Box

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Gift Box

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Gift Box


Included was a small leaflet that again displayed the box top logo and the following text (translated from the original German);

LIMITED EDITIONPelikan M800 Nord/LB Box Insert #1

The fountain pen corresponds in its basic form to the model Souverän M800 by Pelikan

Limited Edition of 6,920 pieces

Barrel color Nord/LB blue, ink view window gray, piston mechanism with solid brass parts, gold-plated beak clip and trim, with two-tone rhodium decor nib in a medium width


Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition 4001 Royal Blue Ink


A second business card sized piece of paper was included that stated;

On July 1, 1995 NORD/LB celebrates its 25th anniversary.  As a reminder of this anniversary and as a thank you for the accompaniment of our house, we present you a present.  With friendly recommendation, The Board

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Box Insert #2


I hope that this has helped to shed some light on this less well known limited edition from several decades ago.  If you like dark blue pens, the Nord/LB is certainly one to go after.  It’s dark color is nicely complimented by the gold trim including the two gold colored medallions.

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Pelikan M800 Nord/LB Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Looking at several blue M8xx pens, the Nord/LB depicted on the far left is perhaps the darkest shade of blue to be seen in that line-up. From left to right; M800 Nord/LB (1995), M800 Concerto (1996), M800 Stone Garden (2018), M805 Dark Blue (2003), M800 Blue O’Blue (2010), M805 Vibrant Blue (2016)

14 responses

  1. It is a very nice bland pen, however, I like the really like the architecture of the administration building of Nord/LB in Hannover, Germany. Why not pay homage to the design of the building. Opportunity missed.


    • Don’t be too hard on them Francis. Nord/LB didn’t inaugurate it’s new headquarters until June 2002. The pen pre-dated that building by a good 8 years. Perhaps an idea for the company’s 50th anniversary coming up in 2020.


      • Deal Joshua, thank you very much for well written report. Since my wife worked at Nord/LB at the time the pen was given to its employees we still have one. We would like to sell our pen, because we never used it. Do you have an idea wich site is best to offer this kind of pen? Thank you very much!


  2. Hi Joshua. Terrific write-up, as usual. I’ve been looking for a Nord for a long time to complete my collection of blue Pelikans. Do you know if the LBS packaging was the same as for the LB? I’ve not been able to find a photo of it anywhere and was curious.


    • Thanks Randy. I believe that the LBS packaging was the same as the LB version. I saw it once years ago and that’s my recollection but I cannot be 100% sure. It’s a great pen but not the easiest to come by.


      • Since I read this post back in 2018 I’ve been hunting for one of these and was hoping to find an LBS, just because it’s a bit rarer than the LB. After two years I am finally in possession of one with packaging that is nearly mint! Glad to own it, it rounds out my Pelikan blues very nicely.

        Just FYI, the packaging for the LBS is slightly different from the LB; the stamp on the box top and on the included leaflet reads “25 JAHRE NORD/LB-LBS” instead of just LB. The LBS is in red ink to match their logo as shown in your article. I can send you photos if you’d like.


        • You are luckier than I. I too have searched for an LBS for some time but have been unlucky to date. I am in no rush to find one though since I do have an LB. Lovely pens. Congrats. I have seen the packaging and noted the features that you mentioned. I’m sure I’ll run into one at some point. These things have a way of findings you when you least expect them.


  3. Dear Joshua,
    thank you very much for your article. It is well researched. My wife was one of the employees who received back in 1995 one of the special edition from Nord/LB. At the moment we are thinking of selling our pen. This is why I found your article. Well done! Thanks!


    • I’m glad that you came across my site Rafael. I hope that my article was helpful to you. These are great pens that don’t come up for sale too often and I’m sure that you could find a buyer if you really wanted to pass it along. Does she have the “LB” or the “LB/LBS” version?


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