News: M805 Raden Royal Platinum

Pelikan M805 Raden Royal PlatinumOver the past few years, Pelikan has begun to more consistently bring us new limited edition Raden releases.  It should come as no surprise then that a Raden model would be in the works for this year, a year in which the company is celebrating a historic anniversary.  What does one give as a gift for a 180th anniversary?  While there aren’t any well established customs for such an occasion, something in platinum seems a fitting choice.  Perhaps that is why Pelikan has chosen to give us the M805 Raden Royal Platinum.  For those new to the hobby, pens done in a Raden style employ a traditional Japanese art whereby finely ground abalone is embedded or glued onto laquer-coated surfaces.  The result is an inlay that shines with a rainbow of colors when struck by light.  This year’s release will make a worthy addition to the models that preceded it.  These include the Kyokko & Gekko (2005), Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), Starlight (2014), Sunrise (2016), and Royal Gold (2017).  It would seem that the Royal Platinum is the kindred spirit to last year’s Royal Gold.  The design and finish appear to be the same with one in silver tones and the other in gold.  I suspect that many owners of the Royal Gold will be clamoring to add this one as a companion piece.

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A Look At The M805 Ocean Swirl

Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl

The two faces of the M805 Ocean Swirl

When I wrote my review of the M605 White Transparent, I indicated that the pre-release product photography didn’t quite portray the actual pen very accurately.  Rather than a cool white colored resin, the photos depicted a warmer, more ivory leaning cast.  I wanted to expound upon this because it seemed to be a recurring theme at the end of last year that confounded several would-be customers.  It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and perhaps nowhere is that more true than when selling some form of goods.  Pelikan’s product photography has always been somewhat hit or miss but the actual merchandise has usually turned out to be better than advertised.  It may seem trivial, harping on the less than true pictographic portrayal of a fountain pen but, for many, those pre-release photos are the only visuals available prior to making a decision to purchase.  Far too many consumers lack access to brick and mortar stores or any other opportunity to see a real world example of a pen prior to committing to buy.  For some limited edition models, waiting for real world photos may mean missing the pre-order period which can equate to extra money spent or a missed opportunity all together.  This is why true to life photos are important for any company selling a product.  The M805 Ocean Swirl was subject to one of the most perplexing depictions in some time and therefore I thought that it was worth taking a closer look.

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News: M805 Ocean Swirl

Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl Fountain PenAfter much anticipation, several overseas vendors including Appelboom and Penworld bring us our first official glimpse of the upcoming M805 Ocean Swirl fountain pen.  This site first reported on the design back in July.   Similar in pattern to this year’s Renaissance Brown, the Ocean Swirl depicts various shades of teal intermixed with black.  Pelikan’s literature states;

“Exposure to light further enhances and adds sparkle and depth which vary in intensity. Just like in the deep sea, bright spots alternate with dark spots mimicking the light that radiates and is found in the ocean. Each writing instrument is truly unique.”

The pattern is offset smartly by the palladium plated trim characteristic of the Souverän family of pens.  The barrel is expected to be translucent to allow visualization of the ink level just like we have seen with the Renaissance Brown.  Similar to other M805s, the pen will measure 5.59 inches when capped and weigh in at a respectable 0.99 ounces thanks to the brass piston assembly.  The nib will be rhodium plated 18C-750 gold and available in sizes EF, F, M, and B.  The anticipated release date is November 2017.

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News: Two Upcoming Fall Releases

Created by Creative_hat - Freepik.comWe saw a lot of great pens released by Pelikan in 2016 and that momentum seems to have been sustained thus far into 2017.  To date, the company has given us the M101N Bright Red, Pelikano Up, M800 Renaissance Brown, M800 Raden Royal Gold, and the M200 Smoky Quartz which is due out next month.  Let’s also not forget the addition of Edelstein Aquamarine to the standard line-up as well as the introduction of the Ink of the Year 2017, Smoky Quartz.  The year is just a little more than half over but several additional new pens are still anticipated before the year’s end.  News of upcoming releases has been much more scarce this year when compared to years prior.  While vendors are taking their contractual obligations much more seriously, word of a new pen always generates excitement throughout the community and gossip can only be contained for so long.  Those on a budget often need to plan for a new pen expenditure so any information can be a big help in mapping out future purchases.  With that in mind, The Pelikan’s Perch is committed to bringing you the latest Pelikan news as it unfolds.  Over the last several months, I have had various, anonymous pen enthusiast approach me to report intelligence of a few upcoming Pelikan fountain pens that they’ve gleaned information about in their travels.  This information comes from all parts of the globe and enough credible information has finally come to light to allow me to confidently bring that news to you.  While I can guarantee you that Pelikan has more in store for 2017 than what’s outlined below, the two upcoming releases detailed here represent a nice chunk of what’s yet to come.  Of course, there have been no definitive announcements from Pelikan or official confirmation therefore the information presented needs to be taken in the context of a credible rumor though I am confident that we will see both of these models materialize.  Additional details will surely be forth coming as we get closer to the anticipated release so stay tuned and enjoy the teaser for now.

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News: M805 Vibrant Blue

Pelikan M805 Vibrant BlueA rumor by definition is of uncertain truth and that appears to have been the case with the early news of the M600 Vibrant Blue that had been leaked several months ago.  Don’t fret too much though if you had your heart set on a Vibrant Blue release because within that rumor was obviously some truth.  Rather than an M6xx, Pelikan has just announced the M805 Vibrant Blue slated for a February 2016 release.  Described as, “bright blue with a complex structure like the sea,” it certainly has a pleasing appearance.  The pen will have the standard Souverän trim which will be palladium plated in keeping with the x05 line.  I think the palladium really goes well with the blue coloring and the picture seems to show some translucency to the material, similar to that of the M600 Vibrant Green.  As is the new convention, this pen will include an all rhodium plated 18K nib devoid of any of the yellow gold accents seen on the other lines.  Nib sizes will be available in the standard EF, F, M, and B.

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Review: M805 Anthracite Stresemann (2015)

Pelikan M805 Anthracite Stresemann with Porcelain PelikanPelikan’s M805 anthracite Stresemann has been out for a few months now and reviews have steadily been cropping up.  To those other voices, I would like to add my own take on this pen.  I have had the opportunity to use the Stresemann for the past three weeks as my continuous every day carry along with the companion K805 ballpoint.  While my experience has generally been positive as you will read below, there were some small inconveniences that, while not deal breakers by any stretch, did hinder my full enjoyment of the pen.  To be upfront, this pen was provided to me as a loan by Pelikan themselves and will be returned to them after this review (the first such occurrence for this blog).  That said, this article was not subject to any censorship nor do I feel a loaned pen has had any impact on my objectivity.  Still, I provide that information to you at the start in order to allow you to better draw your own conclusions.  I think that the most striking thing about this M805 is how Pelikan took a somewhat drab color and really elevated it to another level.  This pen stands out in the M8xx line up in a unique way and will be hard for many to pass up.  Unlike so many special edition releases that disappear once the production run has ended and stock is sold off, the Stresemann is reported to be a regular production model.  If you don’t have the funds for one right now, it seems as if they will be around for the foreseeable future.  I know many hope that this color bleeds into the other Souverän lines and based on my experience with the M805, that would be a very welcomed occurrence.  Unfortunately, only those in Hannover know whether that will ever become a reality or not.  While we can only hope for now that this pattern will translate to the other lines, read on below to find out how the Stresemann does the M8xx line justice.

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News: M805 Clear Demonstrator

Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator (2015)

M805 Clear Demonstrator

First broke by Iguana Sell, a luxury pen retailer located in Spain, we now have news of yet another, long rumored, new model release from Pelikan.  This is the third new model for 2015 and I understand that this most recent one has been on the wish list of many enthusiasts.  With a target release date of late April, Pelikan is going to bring us the M805 Clear Demonstrator.  Similar in styling to the M1005 released in 2011, this release will feature a clear demonstrator with an all rhodium trim, including an 18C rhodinated nib.  Many have long appreciated the M1005’s styling which won it the renowned French Le Trophée du Stylographe award following its release.  While the M1005 is held in high regard,  its size and price point does not suit everyone.  The new M805 will help remedy that to some extent and it will reportedly come in two variants.  The first will be a standard, clear demonstrator available in nib sizes F, M, and B.  The second variant will have engravings in English on the barrel identifying the various components of the mechanism similar to the prior M800 clear demonstrator special edition.  The second variant will be available in F and M nib sizes.  The packaging looks like it will be similar to the M1005 and includes a gift box with a transparent window allowing for immediate visualization of the pen and its transparency.

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News: M805 Stresemann Due In 2015

Pelikan M805 Stresemann

M805 Stresemann

In the early morning hours of Saturday, December 13th Pelikan announced to the community via its Facebook page for Pelikan International that something new was coming.  It was described as the reinterpretation of a classic and an image of just the silhouette of a pen was provided with a short caption.  Of course, this generated no shortage of speculation and commentary throughout the weekend.  I saw quite a range of guesses as to what was in store, many of which seemed to be hoping for some new variation of tortoise.  Thankfully, Pelikan did not keep us waiting for long and, just 48 hours later, they have made the announcement that in 2015 they will be releasing an M805 with a new binde (pronounced BIN-duh) dubbed Stresemann.  Binde is a German word that describes the colored/patterned sleeve that is fitted around the outside of the barrel of a pen.  It is more of a historical term as the old birds had a barrel with a separate binde to provide the coloration.  I believe that this is still the case though for the M8xx series and up but does not hold true for the smaller Souveräns.

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