First Look: M805 Blue Dunes Special Edition

Pelikan M805 Blue DunesYesterday brought an unexpected glimpse of the next M8xx release out of Hannover, this time courtesy of U.K. based Penbox by way of their Instagram account.  The news seems to come a little ahead of schedule as we don’t have any high quality stock photos or other promotional materials available as of yet nor do we see any announcements from other vendors.  What we do have is a first look at the upcoming M805 Blue Dunes special edition in what appears to be a pre-release photo meant for retailers.  Consistent with the rumors from earlier this year, this M805 has a pattern reminiscent of 2016’s M800 Grand Place. The Blue Dunes embodies swirling shades of blue intermixed with darker tones.  We are still awaiting official word from Pelikan with regards to the inspiration behind this finish. The Blue Dunes will join the likes of the Ocean Swirl (2017) and the Vibrant Blue (2015), accented by palladium plated trim.  Based on what little info is available at the moment, this one is anticipated for a late June 2019 release.

Since we do not yet have an official product shot, we can only speculate as to whether or not this model will incorporate a discrete ink window or rely on some translucency to demonstrate the remaining volume of ink in the pen.  My guess would be the latter based on past finishes.  The furniture includes a plated cap top, a beak clip, two cap bands, two trim rings at the piston knob, and a single trim ring at the section. The palladium plating gives all of the trim a silver appearance.  The standard dimensions of the M8xx line includes a capped length of 5.59 inches and a weight of 0.99 ounces. The added heft comes from a brass piston assembly.  The nib will feature rhodium plated 18C-750 gold, most likely available in the widths of EF, F, M, and B.  

Pelikan M805 Blue Dunes

As with past releases, the M805 Blue Dunes fountain pen release will be accompanied by a ballpoint pen. It is unclear as to whether or not a rollerball will be available as well.  There is no word on pricing at this time but my suspicion is that U.S. retail prices will range from $650 to $700.  The pen will likely come with Pelikan’s standard gift box and I would anticipate that vendors will soon begin taking pre-orders.

While the available picture admittedly isn’t of great quality, it does whet the appetite for those eager for the next M8xx release.  I’m sure this isn’t how Pelikan had hoped to break the news of the Blue Dunes so I anticipate a more formal announcement to follow soon.  The M8xx is one of my preferred sizes and I’m likely to pick this one up.  That said, I am getting a little tired of  blue pens and long for a splash of color.  Still, I’m sure that there are many out there who will love the look of the new M805.  What do you think about this newest addition to the M8xx line-up?  Once additional details become available, I will post a follow-up detailing all the swirly blue goodness.


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  1. Sigh. 800 and 805 blue stripe, Dark Blue, Blue Ocean, Blue o Blue, Vibrant Blue, Ocean Swirl…

    Blue is my favorite color but I’m with you about wanting some color. How about that great orange in an 800 size?


    • I’m glad that it’s not just me wanting a splash of color. I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. Even their other colors tend to be muted. The M800 Burnt Orange remains one of my favorites and its in no small part due to the great color combo.


  2. Mine! But seriously, this looks exciting and I can’t wait. 🙂 I finally accepted that the m600 isn’t my favorite size, and one of those is enough (I could not resist the Place de la Concorde), so I’ve painfully concluded that the upcoming violet won’t be making its way to me. But that pain is dulled now by knowing my wallet can keep saving its pennies for this beauty!


    • I do like that Pelikan offers a variety of sizes which means that there is a pen to fit any hand. Once you figure out which one suits you best, it actually becomes a lot easier when shopping new models.


  3. Blue, eh? hmmm….

    I may sit this one out, unless the pen in real life is more interesting than that picture. I just pulled out a couple of the nest boxes and at the moment this one doesn’t seem to advance the collection, esp after the recent 101N.

    Would love to see what the Violet and the M1005 Stresemann I already paid for look like in real life also 😉


    • I can’t disagree. This one feels more like a release for the sake of a release rather than anything earth shattering. Perhaps the real life photos will cause us to re-evaluate that stance.


  4. Is it a hexagonal shape or is that just the photo? Thank you. So appreciate the time and effort that you put into these reviews.


    • That’s just the photo, a trick of the artificial lighting as it were. Pelikan’s pens are and will continue to be round. I can’t imagine them doing anything else.


  5. Thanks for the news, Joshua. As always, it’s a pleasure to read your blog.

    I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I expect it to be gorgeous, as is the Grand Place. On the other hand, like you, I’m growing tired of the variations of blue/black/brown. If I’m not mistaken, the last time we had something in a different color was 2015, with the Burnt Orange.

    The M80x is my favorite pen by far, but I don’t need another blue pen without nib options. So, I may have to pass.


    • Thanks for reading. I do think that Pelikan, at some point, is going to have to up their game. Either something more unique in terms of their finishes or re-introduce something special into their nibs. I think until sales take a downward turn, they are happy with their current strategy. Passing on these uninspired releases is just about the best message you can send that we want more.


  6. Thanks Joshua! I was waiting on some news for the M8XX.

    Looks to be a somewhat attractive pen. However, I’ll probably pass. Just doesn’t grab me. I’m relieved, as my pen budget for the year is spent. Still, if there’s an irresistible release this year, I may have to reconsider.

    Thanks for the Breaking News! You may have missed your calling as a reporter, as you always seem to have the scoop.


    • A lot of people have been waiting on news for the M8xx. I had heard of this one but hadn’t seen any photos. It’s actually easy to pick up on this stuff when you know where to look. Since my blog is hyper focused, it’s easy for me to filter out that which doesn’t pertain and to hone in on these nuggets of news that others may miss.


  7. I will sit this one out. Ocean swirl was unique; albeit, controversial. No one would say it is a boring pen now, or in 10 years. Burnt Orange was bold, yet decidedly classy. This upcoming Blue Dunes seems a bit… “meh”. Time for Pelikan to transfer more of their “City Series” designs (besides Grand Place) to the M80x series. I’d love to see SF, Berlin, Madrid, or even PN in M800 sizes. Thanks for sharing!


    • My worry about transferring those designs would be that it would take away from the limited nature of the original releases. Just like the inks of the year coming back in permanent form, it takes away from the specialness of it all and cheats buyers who bought these under the pretext that they would be a limited run only. Now I’m all for Pelikan bringing us a new series. Plenty of other cities out there.


    • Maybe after a few drinks ;-). I definitely think the swirl pattern is more Grand Place like but you’re right in that the Athens incorporated blue.


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