First Look: M805 Blue Dunes Special Edition

Pelikan M805 Blue DunesYesterday brought an unexpected glimpse of the next M8xx release out of Hannover, this time courtesy of U.K. based Penbox by way of their Instagram account.  The news seems to come a little ahead of schedule as we don’t have any high quality stock photos or other promotional materials available as of yet nor do we see any announcements from other vendors.  What we do have is a first look at the upcoming M805 Blue Dunes special edition in what appears to be a pre-release photo meant for retailers.  Consistent with the rumors from earlier this year, this M805 has a pattern reminiscent of 2016’s M800 Grand Place. The Blue Dunes embodies swirling shades of blue intermixed with darker tones.  We are still awaiting official word from Pelikan with regards to the inspiration behind this finish. The Blue Dunes will join the likes of the Ocean Swirl (2017) and the Vibrant Blue (2015), accented by palladium plated trim.  Based on what little info is available at the moment, this one is anticipated for a late June 2019 release.

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Rumor: What to Expect in 2016

Pelikan 2015 Fountain Pen & Ink Releases

Pelikan’s 2015 product releases to date


This has been a great year for new releases from Pelikan.  To recap, we’ve seen the M200 Café Crème, M805 Stresemann, M805 Demonstrator, M600 Pink, M205 Amethyst, and M800 Burnt Orange along with the two Maki-e releases, Autumn Flowers and Koi.  In addition to new pens, we saw the Edelstein Ink of the Year 2015, Amethyst, released to the community.  Finally, we are still expecting to see the re-release of the M200 Green Marbled fountain pen prior to year’s end.  This has been one of the most robust and varied years for new products out of Hannover that I can recall for some time.  With so many great pens to explore, one hardly has time to contemplate about what next year might bring.  While there have been no definitive announcements from Pelikan, rumors have quietly been circulating about what we can expect in terms of new releases for next year.  Details are minimal at this point but I thought that I would briefly touch on some of the upcoming products that I’ve heard whispered about.  Keep in mind, the following products are just rumored at this point and may not materialize though I’m confident we’ll see a few if not all of these come to pass.

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