News/Poll: Edelstein Aquamarine Added to the Standard Line-Up

Edelstein AquamarineEarlier today, Pelikan announced via their Facebook Page that the Edelstein Ink of the Year for 2016, Aquamarine, is to be added to the standard ink line-up.  The photo’s caption reads, “Aquamarine is back.”  The announcement corresponds with the International Day of Happiness, a UN sanctioned celebration designed to promote happiness in the world around us.  This breaks with the prior tradition of making the Edelstein IOTY editions available only as limited runs that were forevermore unavailable once stock ran out.  I’m not certain why Aquamarine was chosen over any of the other limited editions that have come before it.  I know that there are many out there, myself included, that would love to see inks like 2013’s Amber make a come back.  Does the permanent resurrection of Aquamarine make you happy?  Click the link below to participate in a poll about which limited edition colors you would like to see make a come back and don’t forget that next spring promises to bring us an as yet unnamed shade of olive-green.

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Pelikan’s Ceramic Pen Stands

Pelikan Ceramic Pen Stands

Pelikan has been manufacturing a variety of goods since 1838 and almost all of those products have been backed by advertising of one form or another.  Consequently, Pelikan has produced a tremendous amount of ephemera, enough to keep a collector busy for a lifetime.  I invite anyone interested to check out “Pelikan – The Brand” by Detmar Schäfer and “Deutsche Werbegeschichte – Am Beispiel Günther Wagner – Pelikan” by Heinz Rings for fascinating accounts of Pelikan’s advertising over their nearly 180 year history.  Pelikan has employed various displays to draw attention to their products in order to make a sale.  One such display has always captured my imagination and, to me, is the epitome of Pelikan advertising.  Since the 1930s, the company has been creating figurines in the form of a pelican in support of its fountain pen sales.  These are usually made of ceramic but have been crafted from other materials over the years.  The initial versions were a cadmium yellow and promoted sales of the model 100.  Designed for display in shopkeeper’s windows, the figurines have attracted a following and have become quite collectible.  The older pieces are incredibly difficult to come by but there have been more recent versions that were released to German dealers after the M400’s introduction in the 1980s.  These pieces can be found a bit more commonly, most often in white or cobalt blue.  It is a lesser known fact that these figurines enjoyed a much larger variety of color which is what I wish to share with you today.

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Review: The Pelikan P1 (1958-1963)

Pelikan P1 Rolled Gold Diamond Black Fountain Pen

Pelikan has enjoyed a long and storied history of pen production.  For this post, I’d like to focus on what may well be characterized as a bit of an oddity in the Pelikan line-up.  The P1 was introduced in September of 1958 and enjoyed only a short production run ending sometime in 1963, presumably due to poor sales.  The ‘P’ designation stands out as unusual here because this more commonly denotes a patronen-füller or cartridge pen but the P1 is in fact a piston filled fountain pen.  This model was available as both Silvexa (P1S) and Rolled Gold (P1RG) variants.  It came at a time when hooded nibs were en vogue and seemed to serve as Pelikan’s answer to the phenomenon.  That said, Pelikan’s foray came much later than most other companies since pens like Parker’s 51 & 61, Aurora’s 88, Lamy’s 27, and Waterman’s C/F had already been on the market for some time.  Until the introduction of the P1, Pelikan had been producing pens like the venerable 140 and 400, making the P1 a significant departure in design.  Be that as it may, many people have shown much affection for the P1 and I felt a bit of a historical overview and review were in order as the P1 slowly creeps up on its diamond jubilee.

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News: The Pelikano Up

Pelikan Pelikano Up in ChampagnePelikan’s first foray into the school pen market was the 120 released in the mid 1950’s.  Prior to that, their focus had been on writing implements designed almost exclusively for adults.  After five years of experience in that market, Pelikan began production of the first Pelikano model which was launched on March 22, 1960.  The Pelikano’s design was based on lessons learned from the 120 as well as the feedback they received from teachers.  The model line is now 57 years old and it shows no signs of slowing down.  The Pelikano has undergone many design changes over its nearly six decades in addition to spawning other products such as the Pelikano Junior.  The most recent version of the Pelikano has been the P480, first released in 2010 as a significant redesign to the prior P460 and updated again in 2015.  The current P480 has an opaque rather than transparent grip and an ink view window on its barrel, distinguishing it from its predecessor.  Pelikan appears to be adding an upgraded version of the Pelikano to the line-up.  Made from better materials and with a more adult design, their newest creation has been dubbed the Pelikano Up fountain pen.

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