News: Edelstein Ink of the Year 2019 – Star Ruby

Edelstein Ink of the Year 2019 Star RubyAs the embers of 2018’s excitement begin to slowly fade with the year’s close, Pelikan rekindles a sense of anticipation for next year by giving us a small taste of what’s to come.  News broke yesterday of the limited edition Herzstück 1929 which pays homage to the origins of Pelikan’s fountain pen production some 90 years ago.  Today, reports of the 2019 Edelstein Ink of the Year have surfaced.  With the introduction of Star Ruby, the palette appears to have swung from a shade of green to more reddish hues.   This will be the sixteenth gemstone inspired color to grace the line-up.  The forthcoming Star Ruby will join the likes of Turmaline, Amber, Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, and Olivine as the eighth Ink of the Year.  Unlike last year’s Olivine, this one was not a fan chosen shade.  While details are just emerging, we can expect availability sometime in March of 2019.

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News: Edelstein Garnet Added to the Standard Line-Up

Pelikan Edelstein GarnetThe Edelstein collection of inks now spans 15 different shades inspired by various gemstones.  These have been split between a standard perennial line up of eight inks with the remaining seven comprising a more limited edition series usually only available for a short time.  In a surprise move during March of 2017, Pelikan announced that Aquamarine, the 2016 Ink of the Year, would become part of the regular line-up, swelling the ranks to nine.  Today, Pelikan took to social media to announce another resurrection.  This time it is Garnet, the 2014 Ink of the Year, that will joint the standard assortment, bringing the total number to an even ten.  

“We have some great news for you! It‘s back again: our Edelstein Ink of the Year 2014 Garnet is now part of our standard assortment! 🙂 Catch it, if you can. 😊”

Garnet was billed as a dark red color.  The fact that this is the second time an older limited edition has been put back into service suggests that this might be a new trend for Pelikan.  That possibility may give hope to those longing for some of the inks from days gone by.  Amber, Turmaline, and Amethyst come to mind as past fan favorites that have been sorely missed since their discontinuation.  I’m a little bit at a loss as to why Garnet may have been chosen ahead of any one of those.  It’s not that Garnet doesn’t have its admirers but it generally received somewhat mixed reviews at the time of its original release.  Amber, in my opinion, would have been the smart play here, hands down.  Still, I won’t complain about added variety and I’ll take heart in the fact that we may yet see some of the more desired inks make a return.  What are your thoughts on Garnet’s new status? 

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News: Ink of the Year 2018 – Olivine

Pelikan Olivine Edelstein Ink of the Year 2018The 2018 Edelstein Ink of the Year has long been anticipated and Pelikan took the opportunity today via their social media accounts to make the official announcement.   You may recall that Pelikan ran a social media contest back in 2016 which allowed fans the opportunity to choose this year’s limited edition color.  Over 1,200 suggestions were submitted per the company but Johannes from Cologne was ultimately declared the winner of that contest with an olive-green colored entry.  That ink now takes on the official moniker of Olivine in keeping with their gem stone themed line of colors (not to be confused with the Monteverde ink of the same name).  This release follows the brown tinted Smoky Quartz from the 2017 limited edition run.  It will be the fifteenth addition to the Edelstein line-up, a line that is currently composed of nine regular production inks.  It joins the likes of Turmaline, Amber, Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Smoky Quartz as the seventh Ink of the Year.

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News/Poll: Edelstein Aquamarine Added to the Standard Line-Up

Edelstein AquamarineEarlier today, Pelikan announced via their Facebook Page that the Edelstein Ink of the Year for 2016, Aquamarine, is to be added to the standard ink line-up.  The photo’s caption reads, “Aquamarine is back.”  The announcement corresponds with the International Day of Happiness, a UN sanctioned celebration designed to promote happiness in the world around us.  This breaks with the prior tradition of making the Edelstein IOTY editions available only as limited runs that were forevermore unavailable once stock ran out.  I’m not certain why Aquamarine was chosen over any of the other limited editions that have come before it.  I know that there are many out there, myself included, that would love to see inks like 2013’s Amber make a come back.  Does the permanent resurrection of Aquamarine make you happy?  Click the link below to participate in a poll about which limited edition colors you would like to see make a come back and don’t forget that next spring promises to bring us an as yet unnamed shade of olive-green.

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News: Ink of the Year 2017 – Smoky Quartz

Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2017 Smoky QuartzÇelik Kalem, a major distributor for Pelikan pens in Turkey, follows up their announcement of the M101N Bright Red from yesterday with news of yet another upcoming release.  Instead of a pen, their Instagram feed gives us our first glimpse of the Edelstein 2017 Ink of the Year, Smoky Quartz.  This newest gem stone inspired color will follow on the heels of the very popular Aquamarine from last year’s limited edition run.  It will be the fourteenth addition to the Edelstein line-up and the sixth Ink of the Year. 

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News: Edelstein Ink of the Year 2018 Announced

Edelstein Ink of the Year 2018 Olive GreenOne day ahead of schedule, Pelikan announced today via their Facebook page the winner of the contest to design the Edelstein Ink of the Year 2018.  Submissions were received throughout early May and a colorful array of inks ultimately made it into the top 15.  Those lucky designers will receive an Edelstein ink of their choosing.  A jury met on May 25th to narrow that field down to just 3 candidates.  While it is not clear just which colors made it into the top 3, those winners will each get bottles of the last three Ink of the Year colors.  That brings us to today’s announcement.  After taking those three and analyzing the feasibility/marketability of the colors, Pelikan has selected an Olive-Green submitted by Johannes from Cologne as the winner of this contest.  It seems that the ink has yet to be officially named after a gem stone as they are simply calling it Olive-Green on their Facebook page.  Johannes will get a Souverän M400 with his choice of nib for his winning submission.  The Pelikan’s Perch sends out heartfelt congratulation to Johannes and all of the top 15 finalist.  

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News: Edelstein Ink of the Year 2018

Edelstein Ink Collection BottleIn case you haven’t heard, Pelikan is once again allowing its fans to help design an Edelstein ink, this time the 2018 Ink of the Year edition.  This is a promotion similar to the one that ultimately gave birth to Ink of the Year 2015, Amethyst.  I’m sure that on occasion pen & ink lovers have vocalized their ideas for products that they would like to see companies such as Pelikan bring to market.  That said, I’m not sure that I know of many companies that actually empower their fans to design an upcoming mass-market release.  Pelikan is not only allowing its fans a shot at designing an upcoming Ink of the Year, they are also giving away prizes and, best of all, the process itself couldn’t be simpler.  A color mixer has been made available online that allows you to mix and match hues until you achieve that perfect color which you then upload to a gallery.  The process itself is very straight forward and can be done quickly depending on just how much of a perfectionist you are.  The only requirements are that you do not duplicate an existing color and that you name your creation after a gemstone (all in keeping with the line’s theme).  Designs will be judged by a jury of 10 people, 5 from Pelikan and 5 chosen from Pelikan’s fan base.  If being a jury member sounds appealing, you can throw your name in the hat when you register your color.  Of course this contest is not open to Pelikan’s employees.

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The Story Behind Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black

Pelikan 4001 Blue-Black Ink

Few of Pelikan’s inks have sparked as much confusion and controversy as 4001 Blue-Black, particularly amongst those of us in the United States where this formulation is currently no longer available.  You may be unaware that Pelikan actually has a line of “document proof” inks which covers a spectrum ranging from strong permanence to a more moderate light resistance.  Scribtol is their most permanent offering but it is not suitable for fountain pens owing to the composition of the ink (i.e. soot) which can and will harm fountain pen feeds.  This formulation should be reserved for dip pens only.  Once you’ve moved past Scribtol, you arrive at Fount India.  Offered as somewhat of a compromise, Fount India also contains soot though in a lower concentration than Scribtol.  You get the same properties of permanence but in a formulation that is able to be used, all-be-it with caution, in a fountain pen.  If you employ Fount India in your piston filling fountain pen, you need to take care that the ink never dries out which requires diligent pen maintenance.  If the higher maintenance that is required with Fount India has you a little put off, then 4001 Blue-Black may be right up your alley.

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