News: The Pelikano Up

Pelikan Pelikano Up in ChampagnePelikan’s first foray into the school pen market was the 120 released in the mid 1950’s.  Prior to that, their focus had been on writing implements designed almost exclusively for adults.  After five years of experience in that market, Pelikan began production of the first Pelikano model which was launched on March 22, 1960.  The Pelikano’s design was based on lessons learned from the 120 as well as the feedback they received from teachers.  The model line is now 57 years old and it shows no signs of slowing down.  The Pelikano has undergone many design changes over its nearly six decades in addition to spawning other products such as the Pelikano Junior.  The most recent version of the Pelikano has been the P480, first released in 2010 as a significant redesign to the prior P460 and updated again in 2015.  The current P480 has an opaque rather than transparent grip and an ink view window on its barrel, distinguishing it from its predecessor.  Pelikan appears to be adding an upgraded version of the Pelikano to the line-up.  Made from better materials and with a more adult design, their newest creation has been dubbed the Pelikano Up fountain pen.

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