News: M200 Pastel-Green

Pelikan M200 Pastel-GreenWith the year winding to a close, you could certainly be excused if you thought that Pelikan was done with new product announcements.  It may come as a surprise than to learn that we have not one but two new products to talk about today courtesy of the well-respected German retailer Fritz Schimpf.  First up is a new M200 model set to debut in 2020, the Pastel-Green.  Pelikan must have had a lot of white resin left over after their run of the Gold-Marbled because we see it again utilized here.  It’s nice to see the company shift some of their attention away from the higher end Souverän range and focus more on their entry level Classic series.  I also like the fact that the company seems to be experimenting with more unique materials and stepping out of their comfort zone.  In this instance, we have a resin barrel with a marbled pattern of pastel green.  White resin accents set off the light green, flanking the barrel just like what we saw with the recently released Gold-Marbled.  This one is anticipated to be available at retail outlets sometime in mid-February 2020 and I would expect that vendors will start taking pre-orders soon.

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