News: M605 Green-White Special Edition

Pelikan M605 Green-White Fountain Pen

For those that have found the M205 Petrol-Marbled to be too small and the M1000 Maki-e Seven Treasures to be too large and expensive, Pelikan now brings a third option to the table for 2021. Today broke with news of the forthcoming M605 Green-White fountain pen. This mid-size model keeps with Pelikan’s trend, predominantly over the past five years, of bringing brighter barrel colors with white resin accents to the M6xx line. Starting with the M600 Tortoiseshell White in 2012, we have since seen the M600 Pink (2015), M605 White Transparent (2017), M600 Turquoise-White (2018), and M600 Violet-White (2019). This time we get an eye-catching shade of green arranged in stripes made of cellulose acetate accented by white resin and palladium plated furniture. If we’ve learned anything recently, it is that pre-release photos can be deceiving but there appears to be a lot to like here. If this one looks like a nice addition for your flock, it is expected to be available at retailers worldwide starting in July of this year. This will be a special edition therefore will only be available while supplies last.

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News: A New Book Detailing Pelikan’s Limited And Special Editions Due Out Soon

Pelikan Limited & Special Editions: Fine Writing Instruments 1993-2020

Last week brought about some unexpected news, and no, it wasn’t with regard to the hottest new pen out of Hannover. Rather, it was notice that a new book was coming to market. Authored by Michael Silbermann, the book is called Pelikan Limited & Special Editions: Fine Writing Instruments 1993-2020. This hardcover edition contains 280 full color pages and is being published by Leuenhagen & Paris, the same outfit that was responsible for publishing Pelikan – The Brand by Detmar Schäfer back in 2013. Each copy will be bilingual, containing German and English versions of the text, just as we have seen with both prior editions of Pelikan Schreibgeräte. The book’s official release date was 5/1/2021 and it is expected to hit store shelves next month, with retail pricing of $80 in the United States and 99.90€ inkl. MwSt in Germany. Read on to learn about what you might expect to find within the text as well as some background on the book’s author.

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News: Some Housekeeping Out Of Hannover

Pelikan logoIt can be quite frustrating when you finally decide upon buying a certain pen only to find that it is not just out of stock with your preferred vendor but others as well.   Such has been the case for perhaps the last six months for those in the market for a new Pelikan M800 or M1000 for instance.  Vendors have consistently been frustrated by estimated delivery schedules that seem to be constantly pushed back.  That’s not to say that some models aren’t making it out into circulation.  Special editions such as the M600 Tortoiseshell-Red and the M205 Petrol-Marbled have found their way into retail channels and consumer’s hands.  As I first reported in August of last year when discussing COVID-19’s impact on Pelikan’s operations, the global supply chain continues to feel the ramifications brought about by the coronavirus pandemic which is still infecting people across the globe.  This has hindered Pelikan from receiving certain materials necessary for their manufacturing in a timely manner while also disrupting the company’s ability to deliver its finished goods to their distribution partners effectively.  Last year, Pelikan’s Global Marketing Manager for Fine Writing Instruments, Jens Meyer, was optimistic that most issues would be hammered out by the fourth quarter of 2020.   In saying that, he also conceded that, for some select products, it might take a little bit longer to end the backlog, particularly with Pelikan’s standard assortment.  Since that backlog has now persisted through the first quarter of 2021, I reached back out to see where the company stood.  Read on to see just how he responded to that line of questioning.

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News: Maki-e Seven Treasures Limited Edition

Pelikan Maki-e Seven TreasuresWith the first quarter of 2021 done and dusted, uncertainty remains over just how extensively the pandemic may continue to disrupt Pelikan’s operations, including their timeline of new releases.  The Petrol-Marbled M205 should be landing soon for those eager to get their next Pelikan fix.  If you were hoping for something a bit bigger, just today Pelikan has given us a glimpse of the next Maki-e release coming out of Hannover.  Meet the Maki-e Seven Treasures limited edition, the successor to 2020’s very well received Kingfisher.  Pelikan has this to say of their newest model;

“Seven Treasures are listed in the Buddhist scriptures.  The typical seven treasures are gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, giant clam, coral, and agate.  The seven treasures are expressed on this Pelikan M1000 as auspicious omen motifs by drawing additional  fortunate items.  By this, the Pelikan Maki-e ‘Seven Treasures’ fountain pen is a collection of symbols which are believed to bring good fortune.”

Keeping with past trends, the Seven Treasures is once again built off of Pelikan’s flagship M1000 chassis.  Limited to just 123 pieces worldwide, this newest Maki-e release is anticipated to launch sometime in June 2021.  

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News: M205 Petrol-Marbled Special Edition Announced

Pelikan M205 Petrol-Marbled Fountain PenFor those of you that keep up with Pelikan’s usual cycle of releases, you know that by the end of March in most years, we’ve already had news of two and sometimes up to three new fountain pens.  Sadly, this year, like the one before it, is not like most years.  That unfortunate fact, made evident by the dearth of new releases out of Hannover, is almost certainly attributable to the chaos that the coronavirus pandemic has wrought upon supply chains across the globe.  The drought may be coming to an end however as Atlas Stationers out of Chicago, IL broke news of Pelikan’s next release via their website this evening.  The next pen to market will hail from the company’s Classic line and carry the moniker of M205 Petrol-Marbled.  Petrol is a color scheme that Pelikan has employed with pens from some of their other lines including the Pura, Jazz, and Twist.  Pelikan’s new marbled finish will combine blues and greens in a way that, to me, is reminiscent of the M805 Ocean Swirl from 2017.  Rather than a standard addition to the line-up, this one looks to be a special edition release, intended only as a limited run.  The Petrol-Marbled is reportedly targeted for a mid to late April 2021 ship date.  I would expect most vendors to start taking pre-orders soon.

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News: Pelikan’s US Price Increases For 2021 And The Trends That Might Surprise You

Graph with dollar symbol illustrating rising pricesI haven’t yet had a chance to officially wish all of you reading the blog a Happy New Year!  If you blinked, you may have missed it but a mailer from Fahrney’s Pens at the end of last year alluded to a price increase for some of Pelikan’s products in 2021.  The actual header read, “Certain models increase in price effective January 1.”  The United States has seen a steady rise in prices for Pelikan’s fine writing instruments and inks over the last several years.  Some of that is to be expected due to inflation, fluctuations in manufacturing costs, and the numerous other factors that play into market pricing.  Still, the United Sates remains home to some of the highest prices for Pelikan’s products anywhere around the globe.  Increases this year may be more justified than years past due to the economic realities brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  It’s without dispute that every step of the manufacturing process has been impacted.  Raw materials are harder to source and production costs have risen.  For the most part, ink pricing has remained stable and some pen pricing is relatively flat.  On the one hand, we see some notable increases for models within the Classic series and on the other, some small reductions in Souverän pricing.  Across the board, effective January 1st, 2021, there was what looks to be an average increase of nearly 5% in the company’s MSRP across all product lines for the United States’ market.  Read on to get a sense of which of your preferred products may have been affected.

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News: Edelstein Ink of the Year 2021 – Golden Beryl

Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year 2021 Golden BerylWe have seen a release schedule upended and product slow to make its way into retail channels thanks to a pandemic which came to define 2020.  Still, the show must go on and Pelikan seems ready to rise to the challenge of brightening all of our spirits, both figuratively and literally.  The first new product of 2021 comes in the form of the next Edelstein Ink of the Year release.  This year’s selection is nothing short of astonishing as Pelikan has decided to break new ground by introducing its first ever shimmering ink to the Edelstein line, a top request per the company’s social media accounts.  The 2021 Ink of the Year will be none other than Golden Beryl.  The silver-gray hue of Moonstone now gives way to a yellow-golden ink with shimmering qualities, perhaps the biggest departure from any past release to date.  Golden Beryl will mark its debut as the eighteenth gemstone inspired ink in the line-up and it will be the tenth Ink of the Year, soon to be counted amongst the likes of  Turmaline (2012), Amber (2013), Garnet (2014), Amethyst (2015), Aquamarine (2016), Smoky Quartz (2017), Olivine (2018), Star Ruby (2019), and Moonstone (2020).  As of now, this is expected to be a limited run, in production for just one year only.  Golden Beryl is slated to hit store shelves in April provided the pandemic doesn’t intervene to delay the launch.

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News: M600 Tortoiseshell-Red

Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell-RedNews about one of Pelikan’s most anticipated 2020 models broke today.  With its release pushed back slightly due to the coronavirus pandemic, today’s newcomer makes a compelling case for the wait being wholly worthwhile.  For the last several years, we have seen quite a few white pens grace the M600 line starting with 2012’s Tortoiseshell-White.  Another tortoise joins the family today, bringing with it a bold and bright look.  The M600 Tortoiseshell-Red puts a fresh coat of paint on an old theme which does wonders for the aesthetics.  Of course, this model will quickly conjure recollections of 2014’s M1o1N Tortoiseshell-Red which employed a similar color scheme though with an overall different style.  Pelikan’s supporting literature states; “This colorful series gives the classic Souverän a bright and warm appearance.  The extraordinary color variation is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset and encourages us to stroll down memory lane.”  The M600 Tortoiseshell-Red will be available in December and vendors are taking pre-orders now.  

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