News: M405 Silver-White Announced

Pelikan M405 Silver-White fountain penWith the M205 Moonstone about to arrive in stores, news of Pelikan’s next product release has broken.  I first saw it announced by the Polish vendor Pióromaniak.  Next to market will be the M405 Silver-White.  The last time a new M4xx model was introduced to the line-up was in 2016.  This one conjures images of the last several M6xx releases which have employed a similar color scheme, the main difference between the two lines being their size of course.  The M405 Silver-White may hit that sweet spot for those that like a smaller pen.  It joins a rather exclusive group of M405 models, a model line that only came about 18 years ago making it a relative newcomer to the Souverän series.  This new release will join the likes of the M405 Black (2002), Blue/Black (2003), Dark Blue (2003), and Stresemann (2016).  Many of those were/are regular models in the line-up and not special edition releases.  This one also looks to join the ranks as a standard edition.  Look for the Silver-White to hit store shelves sometime in November of this year.

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