News: M405 Stresemann Announced

Pelikan M405 StresemannIt was nearly two years ago that Pelikan announced the M805 Stresemann.  That model was very well received but many in the community lamented the fact that the finish was only available in an M8xx sized pen.  Those hoping to see the anthracite binde in a different sized Souverän just got their wish.  Several vendors today broke the news of a forthcoming Souverän M405 Stresemann.  Similar in appearance to its bigger brother, the M405 will bring the anthracite finish to a whole new group of consumers.  For those of you not familiar with the Stresemann moniker, it is a term that has been used to describe the Pelikan pen’s classic pinstripe appearance.  It is the nickname of the Souverän series and was derived from the Secretary of State of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann.  He was well-known for wearing black/grey striped trousers and a jacket in black or anthracite.

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