My Time With The Wanderbox

My Wanderbox Letter, Edelstein Amethyst, Pelikan M605 Marine Blue Fountain Pen, and StampAfter having missed out on Pelikan’s Wanderlust project, I feel fortunate to be included in the follow-up Wanderbox project.  Being a starting point for one of the boxes (Box #2) means that I have a full flacon of ink and an empty box waiting to be filled and passed along.  The day that it arrived, I was actually not expecting it and was pleasantly surprised to come home to a big blue box waiting in my mailroom.  It was already adorned with several stickers from far away places, evidence of its prior journey.  Not quite knowing what I would find, I was filled with excitement as I cut the ties that helped to secure its contents.  Upon opening the lid, I found a large round gift box nestled inside of a styrofoam cradle.  The gift box contained a bottle of Edelstein Ink of the Year 2015, Amethyst, as well as some gentle instructions about how to proceed.  The directions were simple;

As the current owner of the Pelikan #Wanderbox, you’ve got the unique chance to join in this project by writing a letter and posting it on your favorite Social Media site(s) with the hashtag #Wanderbox!  Feel free to add a geotag or your current location.  Then place your letter inside the box and pass it on. The next person in this chain should be someone you trust; someone who’s willing to write the next letter.

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News: #PelikanEverywhere

#Pelikaneverywhere Banner

It would appear that I have been posting a lot about Pelikan’s social media projects lately, a sign of just how active the company has been on this front.  Much of the impetus behind Pelikan’s recent campaigns seems to be focused squarely on bringing people together.  Whether your passion is for writing, drawing, ink, or fine writings instruments themselves, the company has really focused on social interaction and the concept of community.  Perhaps more so than most other manufacturers of similar products, Pelikan has adopted and taken a real lead in the use of social media.  It’s an interesting dichotomy to see a fountain pen, its roots firmly planted over a century ago, married to the latest technology of today.  You may not be aware but past efforts have included Pelikan Hubs (#pelikanhubs), a project that physically brought people from cities across the globe together on June 13, 2014 to interact and share their experiences in person as well as online.  Another initiative has been Being Pelikan (#beingPelikan), a campaign that saw several users get the honor of hijacking Pelikan’s Instagram account with their own flock of pictures.  More recently we have been invited to share in the journey and chronicles of the ‘big blue boxes’ that have carried the Wanderlust (#wanderlust) and now Wanderbox (#wanderbox) projects around the globe.  A post on the company’s Facebook account yesterday, highlighted one of their newest efforts, #PelikanEverywhere.

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End #Wanderlust, Begin #Wanderbox

Wanderbox LogoEarlier this month I wrote about Pelikan’s Wanderlust Project, a concept based around a joy of ink and fine writing instruments, married to social media (#Wanderlust).  Three flacons of Edelstein ink were dispatched from Germany to travel the world in large blue boxes.  Ultimately, 60 stops were chosen after a review of approximately 200 applications.  Cumulatively, the three boxes visited 37 countries over 5 continents covering almost 112,000 miles, a journey that would roughly circle the world four times.  The project began in 2013 and today Pelikan hosted an online celebration via Facebook (2pm-4pm UTC+01) in honor of the return home of those “blue boxes.”  The letters written by each participant that were returned to Germany (57 in total) were posted individually to the event’s Facebook page along with many photos.  The company posed various questions with each post and the letter’s authors were all invited to participate as well.  If exploring those wasn’t enticing enough, Pelikan went even further by obtaining 22 sponsors from their pool of retail partners.  These sponsors offered up several P200/P205 pens that were given away in a raffle to event participants based on comments left with each post.  Over 600 people had affirmed their desire to attend on the event page ahead of the celebration and based on the languages and locations that I observed, it was truly an international event.  Winners of today’s raffles will be announced tomorrow, 3/27.

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