News: #PelikanEverywhere

#Pelikaneverywhere Banner

It would appear that I have been posting a lot about Pelikan’s social media projects lately, a sign of just how active the company has been on this front.  Much of the impetus behind Pelikan’s recent campaigns seems to be focused squarely on bringing people together.  Whether your passion is for writing, drawing, ink, or fine writings instruments themselves, the company has really focused on social interaction and the concept of community.  Perhaps more so than most other manufacturers of similar products, Pelikan has adopted and taken a real lead in the use of social media.  It’s an interesting dichotomy to see a fountain pen, its roots firmly planted over a century ago, married to the latest technology of today.  You may not be aware but past efforts have included Pelikan Hubs (#pelikanhubs), a project that physically brought people from cities across the globe together on June 13, 2014 to interact and share their experiences in person as well as online.  Another initiative has been Being Pelikan (#beingPelikan), a campaign that saw several users get the honor of hijacking Pelikan’s Instagram account with their own flock of pictures.  More recently we have been invited to share in the journey and chronicles of the ‘big blue boxes’ that have carried the Wanderlust (#wanderlust) and now Wanderbox (#wanderbox) projects around the globe.  A post on the company’s Facebook account yesterday, highlighted one of their newest efforts, #PelikanEverywhere.

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