News: M1000 Raden Sunrise

Pelikan M1000 Raden SunriseThanks to an anonymous source out of Japan, we may just have our first look at the rumored but as yet unannounced Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise.  A Raden model was anticipated for 2016 based on rumors from earlier this year.  The ad is taken from a Japanese magazine and the text labels the pen as “Akatsuki” which translates as ‘dawn’ a term that could also be construed as ‘sunrise.’  The Raden series was launched by the Kyokko (Sunlight) & Gekko (Moonlight) set in 2005, M800 sized pens employing the technique of inlaid Mother-of-Pearl.  Those two fountain pens were later followed up by the Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), and Starlight (2014) all of which were subsequently based off of the M1000 chassis.  The Sunrise would be the 4th edition in the M1000 Raden line.  Pelikan’s Raden Collection is absolutely stunning though often ultra limited due to the technique employed in creating these pens.  The end result is a very small run of writing instruments which are frequently priced beyond the reach of the average collector/enthusiast. Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft used for lacquer ware and woodwork.  Abalone is ground to a fine thickness with a stone and then embedded or glued on laquer-coated surfaces.  The inlay glitters in wonderful colors when struck by light.  Even though most of us will never own one, it is always exciting to see such beautiful artistry.

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