News: M1000 Raden Sunrise

Pelikan M1000 Raden SunriseThanks to an anonymous source out of Japan, we may just have our first look at the rumored but as yet unannounced Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise.  A Raden model was anticipated for 2016 based on rumors from earlier this year.  The ad is taken from a Japanese magazine and the text labels the pen as “Akatsuki” which translates as ‘dawn’ a term that could also be construed as ‘sunrise.’  The Raden series was launched by the Kyokko (Sunlight) & Gekko (Moonlight) set in 2005, M800 sized pens employing the technique of inlaid Mother-of-Pearl.  Those two fountain pens were later followed up by the Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), and Starlight (2014) all of which were subsequently based off of the M1000 chassis.  The Sunrise would be the 4th edition in the M1000 Raden line.  Pelikan’s Raden Collection is absolutely stunning though often ultra limited due to the technique employed in creating these pens.  The end result is a very small run of writing instruments which are frequently priced beyond the reach of the average collector/enthusiast. Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft used for lacquer ware and woodwork.  Abalone is ground to a fine thickness with a stone and then embedded or glued on laquer-coated surfaces.  The inlay glitters in wonderful colors when struck by light.  Even though most of us will never own one, it is always exciting to see such beautiful artistry.

This release is again built off of the M1000 platform.  It has the usual furniture of that line including the beak clip, double trim rings at the piston knob, double cap bands, and a single trim ring at the section.  The cap top is 24C gold-plated and depicts the single chick logo.  The nib is two-tone 18C-750 gold and the pens will be equipped with medium nibs.  The ad quotes the dimensions at 148mm long, 14mm in diameter, and weighing 34 grams.  A price of ¥216,000 ($1898) is mentioned in the ad but it is unclear if this is MSRP or street pricing.  The run will be limited to just 333 pieces and each pen in the series will be individually numbered.  The Raden Sunrise is anticipated for a Spring of 2016 release.  If Pelikan keeps the conventions of past releases, each fountain pen will be encased in a traditional Japanese gift box made of Paulownia wood.

Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunrise Ad (Shuumi no Bungu Hako vol 37)

The above ad was provided to me and I have no way of independently verifying its authenticity.  The information certainly seems legitimate though and would align with expectations fostered by earlier rumors.  I expect that this will indeed be the Raden Sunrise but we will have to wait for confirmation from Pelikan before we can say for sure.  Personally, I hope that this is the next Raden release because I think it is absolutely stunning, perhaps more so than any of the prior models.


Pelikan M800 Raden Kyokko & Gekko

M800 Raden Kyokko & Gekko Set (2005) – 200 sets


Pelikan M1000 Raden Moonlight

M1000 Raden Moonlight (2011) – 200 pens


Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunlight

M1000 Raden Sunlight (2013) – 300 pens


Pelikan M1000 Raden Starlight

M1000 Raden Starlight (2014) – 333 pens

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  1. Great scoop, as usual, Joshua. I’m a Pelikan dealer and you still find out first. Terrific pen. I will try to carry them ASAP. – The Pen Man


  2. For fear of a reprisal the like of which has never been seen. I’m going against the grain here and I think this pen is not very nice at all (borderline horrendous actually). I can understand how trying to pull off a Sunrise effect with black urushi would be difficult, if not impossible. But red? really? The black section contrasts way to much with the cap and barrel. There are other ways Pelikan could’ve pulled off a sunrise effect and I hate to say it, but I’ve found a Pelikan I just can’t drool over. Once again Joshua, lots of respect for getting us the goods in a timely fashion 🙂


    • Paul, have you found a witness protection plan? 😉

      I am disappointed the quantity has grown to 333. This series started with 200 pieces, then 300, now 333. They will kill the golden goose. Do they think no one will notice?


      • Thomas,
        I fear I’ll have to change my name and shave my beard off haha.
        It does seem to be the case that an exclusive pen is becoming less exclusive these days. This shouldn’t be the kind of pen you whip out at a stockholders meeting and find 5 other execs with the same pen.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I wonder if there is any significance to 333? Spread across the globe, I don’t think two of the same pens are likely to run into each other very often.


    • Not every bird will appeal to everyone and I appreciate your viewpoint. I’m sure you’re not alone in feeling that way. With so many pens coming out these days, there is bound to be a couple that don’t strike one’s fancy. Personally, I’m thankful for that or I’d be even more broke than I already am.


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  4. I really like your blog. I only have 1 Pelikan the M400 BB. It’s a very nice pen and it writes so well. I am curious to know what is your fav Pelikan in your collection? I want to add a new one to my collection this year. Budget is not an issue but I like my pens to write well.


    • I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the blog, Helene. That banana bread on your site looks great. Asking me to choose a favorite Pelikan is like picking a favorite child. There is no one answer. Favorite modern nib would be found on an M1000. Favorite size would be M800. Favorite design…too hard to choose. I will say that I’m currently loving the M800 Burnt Orange. If you put me to the screws, I guess I would say that the Yellow M910 Toldeo would be the top favorite though it comes in at a hefty price tag. I wish you luck on growing your flock.


      • Thanks for visiting my blog. I will buy a M800 or M1000 next. I like big pens. I have to say that your M800 Burnt Orange is very nice. If I could find the M800 Grand Place Special Edition Brown in Canada I would buy it but I think only US will get it. Have a great day.


        • The M800 is a nice sized pen that I find to be very practical for every day use. The M1000 is also great but a bit less practical to carry due to its size which makes it a little better suited to a stationary home or office environment. Of course, that is just my opinion.


  5. The price is unknown yet, it will be in the range of 2600- 2800 euro (for the European market). So the run already has started. My retailer told me there are a lot of interested parties, just like the M800 Grand Place. This is a real collectors item. So if you are interested take your chance.


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    • RHSW, Having five of the three different style raden pens sitting in front of me, Sunlight and Moonlight each in M800 and M1000 sizes, and the Starlight in M1000 size, it had never occurred to me there would be any confusion, even in dim, interior lighting. The Starlight, the newest of the three styles, is immediately different because of the raden pattern being so different.The other two are obviously different in the light, especially outdoors, in a way I have never been successful in photographing. At the risk of oversimplifying, the Moonlight is green and the Sunlight is deep purple and blue with opalescent silver highlights.

      I don’t know if that helps, but I certainly would like to show you what I am trying to describe. You don’t live anywhere near Raleigh, do you? Or are planning on the Atlanta Pen Show?


  7. I think in this matter this new edition of Pelikan shows an entire different fountain pen which is not quite similar to the former 3 editions (M1000 Raden), the biggest difference will be the purple color. The run has started and I asked for a reservation of one the Raden 2016. Can ‘t wait to see in practice.


  8. Update on the Sunrise: Due to US Distributor Chartpak May 26, retail price $2,500. That would likely put them in dealer’s hands June 9th or 10th.


    • That is very believable to me. These were hard to come by. Many US dealers did not receive stock because the US distributor oversold and had to cancel many orders. There seems to have been an odd distribution of these with many vendors getting none and some getting a many as 3-4. For what it’s worth, I have one in the mail that should be here on Monday and I cannot wait to see this thing in person!


  9. Dear Joshua, did you get the Raden Sunrise?. What’s your experience? It’s a real present, in particular if you look at the box.


    • I did get the Raden Sunrise. Proud owner of #275/333. I haven’t done much more than admire it. Looks wonderful in person and you’re right. The packaging was like opening a well wrapped present. Based on the Raden pens that I’ve seen, this is my favorite.


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