Update: Pelikan Collectors’ Box v2.0

Pelikan Collectors' Box Updated for 2018Pelikan first announced their Collectors’ Box, a compact pen chest built to house up to 24 pens, three years ago with expected availability around April of  2015.  Production was repeatedly delayed due to manufacturing issues.  By late 2016, the boxes were finally making their way into retail channels.  You can see my review of that original box here.  Unfortunately, that stock was short lived and these again became scarce.  As of December 2017, Pelikan announced fresh availability which appears to be more widely distributed and reliable.  A close inspection has revealed that this new box is not the same as the original issue.  The differences are significant enough that I wanted to provide an update on just what has changed between the two versions.  

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Review: Pelikan Collectors’ Box

Pelikan 24 Pen Collectors' Chest

Pelikan’s 24 pen Collectors’ box was announced last year but issues with manufacturing resulted in a significant delay bringing the product to market.  Vendors are finally starting to get stock and I thought that it would be worthwhile to share my impressions for those that may be interested in picking one up.  Finding an adequate storage solution becomes a problem every collector faces at some point.  I have seen no shortage of creative solutions during my time with this hobby and I’ve even employed a few of my own.  Many people take to retrofitting objects made for other purposes to the task of fountain pen storage.  I presume Pelikan hopes to change that with their own branded pen chest.  The chest that I review here was purchased from Appelboom in the Netherlands and I cannot recommend them enough for their excellent customer service and communication (no personal or professional affiliation, just a satisfied customer).  Read on to find out how this chest stacks up as a storage solution for your flock.

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News: Pelikan Collectors’ Box Delayed

Pelikan Collectors' BoxLast year Pelikan gave us news of a special Collectors’ Box that was to be released to house our pen collections.  The chest was to be compact yet hold up to 24 pens including the largest of birds, the M1000.  I’ve been patiently waiting for these to become available so that I might review one but also to help with my ongoing storage needs.  It’s not often that you find a handsome solution which can house 24 pens with a foot print of only 9.8 in W x 8.3 in D x 5.3 in H.  To recap what we are expecting, the box is reported to be made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), a high-grade composite material made from recycled wood fibers and resin that is more stable than solid wood and stands up better to changes in heat and humidity.  The frame is then covered with a wooden paper which is protected by a layer of clear lacquer.  The trays (3 trays holding 8 pens each) are covered with a cream-colored faux leather.  The top of the box is made from 4mm thick safety glass to allow visualization of the top drawer of pens and the bottom has rubber feet to ensure that the box won’t mar the surface that it’s placed upon.  The Pelikan logo that is printed on the front also adorns the upper right corner on the back side of the box.  It has been some time since the original announcement and you may just be wondering why we have yet to see these released.

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