News: The M151 Gets A Big Brother – Introducing The M251

Pelikan M251Some of you may recall a small post that I wrote back in 2015 titled “The (Short) Story of the M151.”  If not, allow me to refresh your memory.  Pelikan introduced the M150 alongside the M200 back in 1983 in order to provide a smaller alternative in the Classic series of pens.  The M150 Green-Black came about in 1988 and underwent a redesign in 1997.  Found predominantly in the Italian market, the M151 is nothing more than a regional variation of the standard post-1997 Green-Black M150 sold with fancier packaging.  The atypical designation was once explained by one of Pelikan’s European sales & marketing representatives like so; “M151 is the company’s own ‘internal description’ for the M150 model and is the name that the pen has come to be sold under in certain export markets.”  Sales literature can be found that seemingly elevates this particular model to some sort of legendary status.  One such tagline reads “Everything passes…myths remain.”  New for 2019, it would appear that the M151 has gotten a big brother aptly named the M251.  Dressed in the exact same trim and color scheme, the M251 is distinguished from the M151 only by its larger size.  Read on to find out all of the details.

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