The Many Faces Of… M200 Green Marbled

M2xx Green Marbled Variations 1985-2015

Pelikan has had many unique fountain pen releases over its long and storied history.  Amongst the Classic line, the marbled variants have proven very popular and have had an enduring presence since their introduction in the late 1980s.  Perhaps no finish has enjoyed the longevity of the grün marmoriert or green marbled variant, one of Pelikan’s best sellers.  This pattern has seen no less than five permutations across a couple of different models in the M2xx family.  The marbled look can be traced all the way back to Pelikan’s earliest pens dating to the 1930s.  I thought that it would be fun to explore each one of these modern iterations in the M2xx line-up, especially in light of the newest version released in November 2015.  Green marble is back and while it may seem like much of the same on the surface, there are some subtle differences that are worth pointing out.

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News: M200 Green Marbled to be Re-introduced

M200 Green Marbled 2015 ReintroductionWith official news of the Souverän M800 Burnt Orange finally coming out of Hannover, it seemed that all of Pelikan’s planned releases for 2015 had finally been announced.  When Goldspot Pens posted their Pelikan Fall Preview 2015 two weeks ago that notion was cast into doubt.  The very last paragraph of that post was cryptically titled “More Pelikan?”  Goldspot’s post indicated that an old favorite within the M200 series was going to make a come-back with a debut anticipated for November 2015 but the author would not reveal any more.  There have been roughly thirty M200 releases since the series’ introduction in 1985 so which of these could be the old favorite alluded to in Goldspot’s blog?  It now appears that the  “old favorite” is none other than the M200 Green Marbled, a pen previously reported to be one of Pelikan’s best sellers.  Sound like deja vu?  It should as this is not the first time this pen has resurfaced.

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