News: M101N Bright Red

Pelikan M101N Bright RedIn the course of monitoring my usual sources of Pelikan news, I came across an interesting post in my Instagram feed today.  Çelik Kalem, whose Turkish name translates to “Steel Pen,” gave us a photo of what appears to be the next release in the M101N series.  From what I can gather, Çelik Kalem is a family run company who serves as a major distributor for Pelikan pens in Turkey and would likely be positioned to have foreknowledge of upcoming models.  Pelikan will soon announce the fourth pen in their series of modern M101Ns slated for release sometime later this year.  The pen is the M101N Bright Red.  This model will follow the previously released Tortoiseshell Brown (2011), Lizard (2012), and Tortoiseshell Red (2014).  It would be the first in the series to break from emulating their vintage counterparts.  To date, all of the prior models on the market have keyed off of their predecessor’s designs from the late 1930s.  I cannot recall a 101N ever having been released with this color scheme.  Pelikan’s description of this model carries the tag line, “Intense luminosity and a unique presence.”

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